Friday, September 24, 2010

cleaning up the messes.

where did this week go?
it flew by for about you?

its nice to have more time to design new things for the shop, get orders out on time, and make it to the post office in the promised amount of time! i was very grateful for the orders that came in...and the post office staff is starting to get to know me a little bit more. i think they are figuring out they will probably be seeing me every other day from now on. and someone finally asked if i was doing "some e-bay thing." of course, i said "yeah something like that" then told her about my shop. and yes i did have a business card (if you are new to growing your shop, always have business cards on you. you never know!)

and because of all those p.o. trips, my room has been a little cluttered this week, but last night i was able to tackle most of it - organizing my little corner of the room that i call my "studio." back in chicago, i had an inspiration wall made up of twine, nails and clothes i hope build a new on this week. i also found my old bulletin board that i plan to use for part of inspiration wall! i normally tack or clip up pictures from magazines, ones that give me ideas for my shop or for art in general.
it always doesn't hurt to have more color to your walls!

the one area of my room that is somewhat organized is all my mailing supplies. it's nice to have them all in one contaniner so if i have to make a quick run all the packaging supplies are in the same spot!

and look what lovelies i have! they are the hair clips sandy of sandyalamode gave me at our meet-up. i'm privileged that i got one of the first pairs she made before she opened up her shop! are they not so darling?! i keep them on the little card she gave me. love them. be sure to grab a pair from her shop if you haven't yet!

from all my cleaning and orders, i took the time to make myself my own headband! i love green and especially this shade i think is perfect for fall. i might throw a couple of them in the shop.

what do you think? you like?

and of course, plenty of breaks to video-chat with ryan! well, kind of. he doens't have a camera, but i can hear him. (yeah, it's not really fair that he gets to see and hear me, but oh well. ) it's how i save on minutes right now ('cause i have free minutes after 7pm or weekends) so it works for now. but i'll see him next weekend...'cause he's coming for my b-day!! woohoo!!

and oooh, of course tv-breaks! i loved the premiere of the middle. i cannot get over the hecks. they are so hilarious. now don't be shocked but i missed the premiere of modern family! i do plan to watch it on hulu sometime tonight or this weekend. i missed glee's premiere too but i caught up the next day and goodness, charice is soooo good. i'm currently obsessed with her telephone-battle with lea michelle. and of course, who doesn't tear up when you watch her sing "listen"? and if her voice doesn't tear you up, her story will.

i hope you have a lovely weekend, friend.

i'm looking forward to mine (gooooooo, dawgs!). and later this afternoon, my mom, sister and i are planning on checking out the county booksale, so i'm excited. i love books (that i never end up reading, but i love them) and i love county events like these. you never know what you'll find there or the people you'll run into.
what adventure are you looking forward to? whether its finally getting some time to veg out or to hike a mountain, i hope its a refreshing adventure for you, friend!

[happy friday!]


  1. I love that glee video!!!
    I have never watched glee, but this clip was amazing and I am kinda bummed I didn't jump on the band wagon when it went through town!!!
    I love your headband and Ms. Sandy's wearables are so amazing too!!!
    Hope you have an amazing weekend!!!

  2. Oh my goodness I ADORE that green headband. That is also my favorite shade of green....<3

    And that was my favorite part of Glee, HAHAHAHA. I can't wait for next week!

  3. Cute green headband! And GENIUS to keep your shipping supplies in one spot.

  4. You probably know this, but Walgreens has their bubble mailers on sale fairly often. I stock up with every sale.

    One of the best business investments I made was a postal scale I purchased from Ebay. I can do everything from home and either leave my packages in the mailbox or schedule a free pickup. Paypal allows you to pay for and print your own postage/mailing label. Super convenient!

  5. please start selling those green headbands!! it's the perfect color and accessory for fall! i want one, now~~!! :D and thanks for the etsy shop shoutout, friend!!!!!!! you're soo awesome! i really do need to get some business cards...

  6. we watched modern family on hulu last night and it was absolutely hilarious!!! And I'm glad that i'm not the only one who's sewing/craft room is a little um, messy... ;-)

  7. hooray for a growing shop :) love the green headband.

  8. Another beautiful headband! I'm really wanting to buy everything from your shop, and Sandy's. I love it! I just need some $$. Haha!

    She is SUCH a great singer! I love how when she has the sing off she's just smiling and Rachel looks SO angry, haha! Love it.

    Have a wonderful weekend. :)

  9. Hi...

    I found you through Kirra's blog and bought an adorable headband from you that everyone compliments every time I wear it...even my boyfriend loves it!

    I love all your creations and thought I should let you know. I am sure I will be making another purchase with some birthday moo-la I get!

    Thanks again!

  10. I like the behind the scenes look at your shop. I'm glad to know someone else creates big messes sometimes.

  11. LOVE that hair band... you are SO beautiful!!

    oh, and i noticed you had a little container of vaseline on your work desk... i am a vaseline addict! i have one in every purse, in my desk, in my van, in my hubby's's the only thing i can use on my lips!

  12. Oh! It's nice to see your little space, and little bits of your life behind-the scenes :)

  13. lol! my parents are big charice fans. i didn't even know she was on glee until i talked to my dad the next day and he asked me if i watched it. yes, she does have an amazing voice.


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