Monday, September 27, 2010

buying books. that i may never read. but buying them nonetheless.

i love books.
i really do.

however, i joke about buying books that i never read (which i'm often guilty of) and i haven't read a full book for about two months now but i do love them. with the shop's growth and the good-bye to chicago, every time iattempted to read before bed, my eyes would shut before making it through the first page. so with my schedule being a little different in the next few months, i hope to be able to make it through a few of the books on my list.

anna karenina. the girl with the dragon tattoo. harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban. age of innocence.the short life of bree tanner. lightning thief. water for elephants. wuthering heights.

those are to name a few. a couple of them i started but never finished. not that they were bad at all; life just got busy and so my time was consumed by other things. or i probably just crashed when i went to bed and a book was the last thing on my mind.

so this season will be different, and i look forward to it. to kick it off, my mom, sister and i headed downtown for a county library book sale over the weekend. mom saw it in the paper the other day and thought it might be something i wanted to check out. and she was so right. i love the sight and feel of so many books, don't you?

i'm still one of those anti-kindle or nook or whatever. i might eventually cave in 20 or so years, but i LOVE the feel of the paper and the smell of books. i hope the printed word never dies. and of course, i spotted twilight books, so my camera couldn't help but go snap-happy over them, wishing them a good owner who will love them as much as i did. i also love all the old, vintage books. some of them were up for a silent auction, so i really didn't have the extra cash for them - but they were so lovely to look at.

and oh that "no bikes in the park" sign just about killed me. good thing we're not in chicago with my lovely green-machine. i would have probably started a riot.

so this event wasn't chicago huge, but it def. lifted my city-spirits. i needed something like this - where people come together for some local event. it wasn't huge but i loved it and i think God knew i needed it. i also love being able to enjoy it with family, which certainly chicago wasn't even able to offer that.

i hope you had a lovely weekend, friend!
[happy monday!]


  1. Love the old books...did you get any?

  2. Ohh yes. Old books are lovely, and the smell and feel and novelty of "this old, old thing" is so great. I meant to go to the book sale this weekend! Bet it was awesome.

  3. I too love books...and have so many to read! I always try to devote time to read before going to bed but then I end up getting really sleepy and fail at finishing a chapter! Ah! So glad you enjoyed some city time <333

  4. All those books...yay! I read SO much. There's been many a night that I've fallen asleep in the middle of a page. ;)

  5. aww I love book sales!! I'm the same way about reading. I wish I had all the time in the world. I've been reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo for about a month. It's too slow & I'm too busy. Maybe I'll finish it. Good luck with your reading! I'm anti-kindle too! =) Happy Monday!

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  6. i thought i was the only one who started books and never finished them!! it's such a bad habit but i always get pulled away to do other things too... like read people's blogs LOL! maybe my attention span is too short these days... lovely pics girl!

  7. I have so many books I am surprised that my head hasn't spontaneously combusted!!! :)
    I LOVE books!!!
    I must admit I am guilty of buying books reading half of it, lie it down, and pick up a new book, never to return to the first!
    I have attempted to read all Stephen King books and I believe I have read about 12 ((Out of 50-something)) then I decided I had to read *all* of Sherrilyn Kenyon's work ((Which I have- with the exception of the newest, which is in hardback for 24 dollars!!!))
    Now I *must* read all of Gena Showalter's work, which I am slowly but surely going through.
    ((If you haven't figured out, when I get addicted to an author I must read *all* of their writings!!))
    Scary stuff!!! :)
    Good luck getting through your reading list!!!
    It looks like you have a fun ((and eventful)) weekend!!!
    Wish I was at that book sale with you!!! :)
    Happy Monday!!!

  8. You are the cutest thing ever. You always have a huge smile on and I love to see your posts. Hope you do get to get some reading in. I adore reading. Also loved your post below about your shop and orders. Beeing browsing your shop lately such cute things!

  9. I love books and I just wish I could have a tiny more time to read them all...I have a huge "must read" list that is waiting for me...hahaha
    Have a great Monday,sweetie

  10. Water for Elephants is good! Also the Glass Castle is good (not that that was one of your selections) but anyways...Happy Reading!

  11. I dream of someday having a home library with floor to ceiling bookshelves chock full of books. Le sigh.

  12. book sales are so much fun! you can really get some good deals and i am with you on the whole kindle thing. i prefer the book in my hand and turning the pages.

    love the pics of you, ashley and your're all so beautiful!

  13. Great photos!! Makes me want to visit a book fair and add some more classics to my bookcase :)

  14. Ah, I loooove reading so much! It's definitely one of my favourite things to do. I read every single night before I go to sleep, no matter where I am. Ha. When I sleep at my boyfriend's house I always bring a book. (Or I have to search for one to read before I fall asleep.)

    I would have LOVED to go to that book fair! It looks like so much fun.

    I'm not a fan of the kindle or whatever either! I mean, I think it's AWESOME and if I was going on a long trip (to say, Europe... for three months. haha) it would be SO handy and I would absolutely love it. But I just love buying new books and filling my overflowing bookshelves. It's just so fun to read a new book. But, for reading outside on a beach or by the pool, or just at night time when the person next to you wants the light off (ahem, Keith, ha.), then the Kindle is a great thing. I just don't want to give up books!

  15. i have the same relationship with books lately -- love them, but can't finish one for the of me. i use to be a voracious reader. but these days?? oh dear, it's embarrassing!

    i'm glad to hear that you're going to commit to reading. i may follow suit!

    off topic: your family is gorgeous. you guys totally have the pretty gene!

  16. So many books!! I love them!

  17. i wanna go to that book sale! :)
    i have a pile of books that i've started & never finished..but i'm working on getting better at that too..

  18. love the glasses!!! :) And, I was madly in love with Wuthering Heights... you would love it too!!!

  19. Ahhhh, this sale looks amazing! I am shocked that Twilight would even be in the bunch. Well I am your newest follower and so thrilled to win Diana's giveaway. I need to head over to your shop and do some shopping, I'm so excited!


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