Friday, September 10, 2010

beach bum adventures: st. simons, ga

though i've traveled this globe as a navy-brat and lived in so many different places and seen so many sites,
the beach will forever have a special place in my heart.
is it so not a God-thing, that i am engaged to someone with the same love
for the ocean?
and remember earlier this past summer, i joined my fiance and his family at st. simons for some summer celebration? this time, my sister and i got to spend some time there with ryan.
and even some time with uncle phil.

oh, yes. that's ashley buried deep in the gigantic king-sized bed.

this girl has an amazing eye for photography.

when it was low-tide, ryan, ashley and i kayaked to the sandbar. wish i could have brought my camera. we found so many cools seashells and sanddollars - and even a weird scallop looking thing that ryan found (refer to photo below). we placed it in some still ocean water, and it opened up its shell and popped out a tongue-looking thing that he used like a foot to swim around the water and hop along the bottom of the mini-pond. it was so weird but so cool to see. we could have def. used the FLIP camera then.

later in the evening, while we laid around the condo being lazy, ashley was introducing ryan to justin bieber. ash was making faces because ryan was making fun of the bieber videos.
it was pretty hilarious.

oh, we ate good at st. simons. we always do. beachcomber has awesome burgers, but i am so infatuated with crab traps fried shrimp. can't beat that dipped in tartar sauce or the trap's battered fries.
so (not) healthy but so so good.

can't say good-night to the day without a dip in the hot tub.

at the pier.
watching people catch fish and chilling out on a bench
as the sky turned from blue to pink to dark.

we took so many pictures at st. simons but i don't want to overwhelm you so hopefully, you got a feel of the fun that we had there with these snippets. it was almost like a finale to an lovely summer but also a reward from the madness of the move. it was good to see uncle phil again too and alo wonderful to spend time with ryan again (since we are currently in a "long-distance" realtionship, as he is living in GA with his fam and me with mine in SC). it was also a blast to enjoy st. simons with ashley. we loved having her there with us! (and oh we missed you, kristine esp since ash and i shared a giant king-size bed, you would have totally loved it! it reminded me and ashley of the old days and our sleep overs in each others rooms.)

until another adventure at st. simons, that's all folks!
[happy friday!]


  1. i love your blog posts because of all the amazing photos in it... overwhelmed, never! i'm glad you are having an amazing time, you and ryan look so happy!

  2. this looks SO much fun. i love the pic of ash jumping with the red lifeguard chairs.

    wish i could have been there...

  3. Wow, so much fun and color, and amazing, amazing pictures, Ilene!

  4. OMG...I love love love those happy and fun:)
    Have a fantastic weekend,my dear

  5. oh definately felt the fun:D I miss the beach:(
    I know how tough a long distance relationship can be. My husband and I had to do that for part of our dating time. We liked how it grew our communication skills b/c we had to talk on the phone so much;)

  6. this looks like so much fun!!! if you ever need an excuse to come to the beach, i can think of one you can come to ;)

  7. love love love all of these images girl~!! i totally wish i could go to the beach right now... looks like you had soo much fun!!

  8. so fun! I love the lifeguard chair pictures.

  9. First of all, you butt dialed me today, thank you for that. Even hearing your muffled voice and the ruckus of whatever was going on, it made me miss you. ;)

    Second, I love your blog. hands down best blog ever. It's fun to see the pics and knowing EXACTLY what Ryan was thinking while Ash was educating him on "Bieber Fever" --- Priceless.

    Thirdly, I miss you, did I say this? Surely.


  10. How fun! We recently just came back from Sea it down there too!

  11. Awww, so lovely! I've never found sand dollars but I really want to! My boyfriend's mom has a collection of them that she found out in BC I think. That thing that popped out of the shell sounds SO weird but cool! hehe.


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