Sunday, August 8, 2010

where did the year go, brandenbergers?!

on this day, one of the best parties in gamboa history took place.
to one of the most incredible couples ever.
so we celebrate it today.

to the brandebergers.
i can't believe it's been an entire year since that day.

[via timtabstudios]
one of my favorite pics from the brandenberger wedding day.
ryan, kristine and our baby sister, ashley (who needs to be included in everything).

ryan and kristine,
we love you both so much.
happy anniversary!

ryan and ilene

note to first time readers: yup, my sister is married to a ryan and i'm engaged to a ryan (as of yesterday, folks!).
we are working on an arranged marriage for our 14-year old sister, so if you have any highly recommended ryans, kristine and i are taking names and contact info. thank you.


  1. how cool is that?! my grandma and her sisters all married a "ricardo". :D

    <3, Mimi

  2. love your blog! and such a cute post :)
    i left an award on my blog for you!
    xoxo, jamie

  3. cute is that! two ryan's in the family and maybe a third one down the road : ). happy anniversary to your sis and CONGRATULATIONS to you and your ryan on your engagement! super exciting!

  4. I'll take this over a card! you guys are tooo cute. I'm sure your sister and bro. in law appreciates it. BTW-I'll keep my eye out on any good natured teen Ryans. LOL. Oh, and happy anniversary ryan and kristine!

  5. Every serious relationship that I've ever had was with a guy whose name started with an R - Ryan #1, Ryan #2, Rod, and finally my hubby Rusty. My daddy's name is Ron. I swear if for some reason this marriage doesn't work, I'm picking a different letter!!!

  6. My husbands name is Ryan too! Congratulations again! It's such an exciting time!

  7. love this, ilene! thank you!!!:) such a sweet post!

  8. Haha that's so cute how you guys are both married (and going to be married) to Ryan's! I can think of all the cute mix-ups that will be happening in the future already. "Hey Ryan!" *both Ryan's turn around* Thanks for telling me a little about you! Have a great day!

  9. Ahh, I love this post! You have the prettiest handwriting, I swear! And that's such a beautiful photo. I love how your little sister had to be a part of it. :)

    I totally hope your little sister falls in love with a guy named Ryan! Haha. How hilariously awesome would that be?!

  10. hahah. this was hilarious post girl. I love your little sister being so attached here.


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