Sunday, August 22, 2010

i love reflective surfaces. and funny faces.

when i find a mirror or any sort of reflective surface, really...
i can't help but take pictures.
especially goofy ones.

it's irresistible.

i love how kristine's ryan gets bored and starts looking away by the third photo.
it cracks me up.

my ryan and i enjoyed having them in the city with us for one last time before my ryan and i move back to the South. we promised to all come back when we're much more grown-up with babies and show-off Chicago to our kids. nothing like having family to share chicago memories with. more posts to come with our chicago adventures over the weekend!

love it.


  1. hehe you guys are too cute!! i really need to take some more reflective mirror shots myself, they are soo fun!

  2. Aww I'm glad you're enjoying your last days there!

  3. awwww im glad you enjoyed your time there, you sure made chicago look like the hippest place to go! have a good week :)

  4. :) You guys look like you had a great time together! And I love how you all just make faces, haha! So fun.

  5. lol! you are too funny! however, keep snapping away. you'll appreciate all the shots later in time.


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