Tuesday, August 31, 2010

oh yes. extra tapioca pls!!!

we made it! it was a 12-hour drive from chicago, il to atlanta (or rather grayson), ga. thanks for all the support, encouragement and prayers that went into our adventure. and no worries, there is certainly a post to come with pics of our adventure. even got some stunning shots of the scenic route through tennesee. unbelievable and breathtaking.

but for now,
i needed a moment to reminisce chicago.

even though i've moved away from chicago, i doubt this will limit the chicago posts. i also have so many pics and fun adventures that i shared with friends and ryan to def. post here.

remember mine and ryan's recent adventure to chinatown? our double-date with candance and phil. we love these two dear friends of ours. what a better combo for our double-date - with two of our favorite people in one of our favorite hot spots of chicago!

duh. where else did we eat? joy yee's.
i can't think about it too long.
i'll get depressed that i can't just hop on the el anymore to get there.

of course, i got my fave taro bubble tea latte with extra tapioca.
'cause of the extra tapioca, it took ryan a litte longer to smile
(hehe, so many tapioca balls made it into his mouth, he couldn't swallow them),
so what else did i do? make silly faces.

i've always loved chinese lanterns.
they are so beautiful.

and phil treated us all to surprise 'christmas' gifts.
we all chose a wrapped gift from the store (anything could be inside of them!) and unwrapped them on the train ride back. we def. got some unexpected gifts - from key rings to disgusting bedtime slippers. guess who unwrapped the disgusting bedtime slippers?

and to dear phil, candance and chicago.
know that we miss each of you so much already,
but that we never meant to say 'goodbye' - just 'see you later'!

much love, illy.


  1. i got to get me some of those awesome slippers. are those one size fits all or do you think i need to special order?

  2. raising my itty bitty hands for an extra heaping of tapioca balls as well!! yum yum! glad you made it safe and sound to atlanta!

  3. You have such a wonderful blog:)
    Happy 1st day of September:)

  4. i'm craving joy yee's now! glad the two of you had a safe roadtrip! :)

  5. so crazy that you are not in chicago anymore! i just started following your blog this summer, but you have made me lust after visiting chicago!! excited to see what your new adventures are, but already missing the chicago fun!!

  6. I'm glad you guys are home safe and sound! :) I love these photos, haha and the surprise gifts! SO AWESOME. Hahaha! I need to go to China town soooooooon. (In Toronto)


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