Monday, August 23, 2010

we love food, esp. in chicago.

we ate a lot of good food this weekend.

my sister, kristine and her ryan came to visit us. it was so good to see them. during kristine's senior year of college, she and i got the opportunity to be roommates, so the four of us hung out all the time. we explored the city by rollerblade and bike, went to the city festivals together, and had picnics in the park. those were some fun times, so it was fun to re-live them once again.

one of our fave restaurants is a place called RA in the heart of gold coast Chicago. i love the club-like atmopshere, dimmed lights with loud, upbeat music. and the sushi is so good, plus they have an amazing happy hour menu. all of my fave sushi rolls are half the price. can't beat that.

i will say that i cannot eat the raw-raw kind of sushi. i'm a plan roll girl. my faves are tootsy maki and the california roll - with extra cream cheese please. i also can go for some edamame and pork gyozas for appetizars.

we also made it to the original pancake house. their chocolate-chip pancakes are to die for. kristine got a strawberry crepe. it looks pretty amazing too.

and then of course, we had some go roma. its an amazing italian place that serves it as fast food but the quality of a good italian meal. i'm obsessed with their chicken marsala pasta and their french fries.

why do i write these blog posts about food at this darn hour of the night when i couldn't even go out for RA-sushi even if i wanted to?
this is torture. my mouth is watering.

that's all folks!

[happy monday, friend.]


  1. Gah, now I'm starving!! All of it looks soooo delcious.

    You are way too cute.

  2. Ooh what yummy food!
    I don't like sushi at all but edamame is pretty yummy...and of course anything with chocolate chips or strawberries would be amazing :)

  3. deeeelicious! glad you had a great weekend with your family :) my sis and i lived together in college for 3 years!! so fun!

  4. omg. that food looks to die for. i'm a little sick of tuna EVERYTHING and fried noodles over here!!!!!

    so glad you got some time with your sis. how special!

  5. i'm a fan of the sushi and chopsticks pictures! let's do it again!

  6. after looking at these amazing food pics, i realize that i haven't had sushi in forever! i think it's about time!!

  7. I love the food posts! I never did get to Go Roma... but I did love RA Sushi!

  8. those pancakes look amazing and sinful! So hungry now!

  9. Tootsy Maki and Chicken Marsala in one post?!?! Not very nice...

  10. you are making me crave sushi then some choco pancakes for dessert! glad you are having a great time!

  11. yummy! and i am so impressed with your foodie pics! you have to give me some tips! my food pictures come out horrible. what apeture setting do you use?


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