Wednesday, August 25, 2010

so...why did i decide to leave again?

dear ilene...
so remind me one more time,
why did you decide to leave chicago?

you're leaving behind a crazy, cool boss, Joe-Go.
it's because of him you survived those insane moments of your job.
it's because of him you were able to carry the job that needed to be carried.
not just a supervisor, but also a friend.

those kinds of bosses are rare and few.

and how about those random, spontaneous parties from some of the coolest student leaders on our campus? talk about making a girl's day. having been over your head with work especially since you check out in oh, 72 something the last thing expected was 30+ bodies fitting in the itty bitty office, along with cupcakes, chocolate milk, cards and gifts. but they did it!

and how about those lunches, sephora runs, and berry chill dates with nora, one your besties you've known for 8+ years? the girl and you started out your lives in chicago the same year. you've shared countless tears and laughter with her. she will forever be one of those friends you won't forget.

and of course, chicago restaurants?!
there are five guy burger places popping up all over the US (even in SC) but not like this five guys, right on clark street where you had your first give guy burger. plus this five guys is next door to urban outfitters and akira. you can't go wrong with it, baby.

sigh. such is life. everything is going well, well on its high - then BAM - transition, change of pace, and a brand new life but like i told Joe today, i really have loved my time here. it's just time for a new season, time to move on. and i'm so glad to leave with a desire to stay 'cause then it means the experience was good. i am beyond thankful to God for the opportunities i've experienced and the people i've met. today was one of those days that he blasted it loud and clear. i felt his love and affirmation through people today. whether it was joe or the students i worked alongside with today, or even ryan helping me to continue to pack, i have been reminded that everything will be ok. so until the 31st rolls around..

it's about enjoying the rest of the ride while you are on it 'cause there isn't much of a ride left.
[happy wednesday, friend.]


  1. that last line is so true... they are going to miss you too - i can tell! good luck with your new ventures... tell us about it soon, k? xo, carla

  2. love this...memories that will always be in your heart!

  3. oh this made me so sad...but how cool is it that everyone is just showing you so much love the last couple days!!!!!how encouraging.

  4. what a beautiful post. you may be leaving the city, but the city will never leave your heart.
    p.s. i love the last line!!!
    happy wednesday friend!

  5. Awww. It's sad that you're leaving such great friends behind but also exciting that you'll be creating new ones along your journey.

  6. Aww, dude you are sooooo loved by so many people!

  7. You are embarking on an exciting adventure and will always carry with you the amazing people that you're leaving!

  8. Aww, sad! So good but maybe difficult to transition. When do you leave Chiciago?

  9. awww that's soo great you were able to celebrate your last few days in chicago with great friends and cupcakes! what a sweet post! :) good luck w/ the move!

  10. wow! God is awesome! I feel the love.

  11. Love this. You are awesome.
    It does always seem so hard leaving behind so much good, but then once you see the good that comes of it, you can't imagine your life any other way.
    So .. you've gotta lot of good amazing experiences coming your way to top all of that off!

  12. it's posts like these that are the reason why i so love reading your full of emotion and such gorgeous photos! sounds like chicago has been such a treat and leaving with fond memories sounds like the best way to go!

  13. playing catch up! goodbyes are tough! i got all sentimental while reading your beautiful words!!!
    where are you moving again?! did i miss reading it somewhere?
    chicago looks amazing btw...i've never been!!!


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