Tuesday, August 3, 2010

nothing like a simple summer day. and a promise.

before a night of laundry & finishing up shop orders...
the bf and i went on a nice, slow-paced walk through the city. it was a relaxing to not have to walk so briskly, not have to catch a bus. or to run to the next meeting. or meet the next deadline.
i've been so overwhelmed with work, packing, etsy, and...just life.

he asked me to promise him something tonight.
i said, what is it?

"let's enjoy the last 28 days left we have in the city, please? it's all going to be gone before we know it.
let's enjoy it together."

i needed to hear that.
i've been rattling of lists after list in my head and out loud. i've been crying and whining. i've been stressed and sleep-deprived. my wrists have been screaming in pain from darn tendinitis. i've been worried and freaked out. i'd forgotten to trust God with all my anxieties. i'd forgotten to even trust Ryan as he's reminding me that it's going to be ok.

he told me that he didn't even mind the crying or the whining, just that he wants me to really enjoy and savor these times. he's right. it's all going to fly by so fast.

i do love this city and the last few weeks left.
i don't want to tarnish it with my tears of sorrow and stress.

as i'm saying it out loud here, i'm determined to savor my time here in the city with ryan and friend (oh, maybe with shia and patrick - wouldn't hurt, right?). with God's help, i'll continue to rely on His strength and not my own. like mom always told me, one step of a time.

[good night, world!]

p.s. don't forget to check [sulu] today! it's my turn for the intro-post-interview.
and thanks for all the support that you all have been.
it's so appreciated by us!


  1. i totally and completely agree with your bf! you should definitely enjoy the little time you have left in the beautiful, wonderful city of chicago! sure, you need to get things in order in terms of packing and moving, but take the time out to relax and just ENJOY yourself! :) your memories of chicago will be much better and you will be so much happier when you have moved on! wishing you all the best with the move!

  2. i heartily agree with your mom...one step at a time and keep seeking Him for strength. This is a tough one. : (

  3. Definitely enjoy your time there. It will fly by, but at least you will have great memories of your time there :)

  4. Enjoy!:D

    Beauty. Fashion. Interior Design.
    & Life According to Marie.

  5. you are so so gorgeous, love your smile!
    definitely just take one day at a time, trusting in Him that everything is in His timing and will :) xo.

  6. you are gorgeous!!!!! going to check out sulu!

  7. ...and what a beautiful heart you have! it's always good to slow down a bit...thank you for your inspirational words!

  8. ohh, i love sulu!

    your bf sounds so very wise, and i will be thinking & praying for you during your remaining time in the city, both of you! are you moving?

  9. :) I hope you do something amazing every day up until the day you leave! Make sure to document it with photos so you will always remember it too.


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