Saturday, August 7, 2010

i'm just saying 'cause you might want to know.

for those of you who have been already so supportive and started following sulu,
don't forget about our first giveaway! please be sure to check out this new collaboration blog with me and three other amazing friends. we are giving away some goodies you won't want to miss!

(click on the banner to get to the sulu-giveaway.)

[my cluttered mess of a desk with a few of the poppes making their way onto muchlove-illy headbands/hair-charms.]

and also i know i've been saying this for two weeks now, but i have been hard at work on brand new autumn-designs for muchlove-illy. and for those of you who have messged, tweeted, and etsy-convoed me to let me know that you are looking forward to the fall collection, i need to say thank you because that kept me going in the midst of trying to keep up with current orders as well as creating new designs. so thanks so much!
i'm excited to reveal them to you ever so soon

and speaking of muchlove-illy, there are still a few more sale items available. the headbands went rather quickly but there are some summer rings and hair charms that are still up for grabs!
i'm trying to make more room for other muchlove-illy goodies, so if you or anyone else you know are in need of a splash of color to your outfit then before to purchase some of these lovelies!

thanks again, friends, for all your support!
[good luck on the giveaway and happy shopping!]


  1. These are really cute...heading over to Sulu now!

  2. ilene I love your stuff!
    it really is so so cute. and I want to buy on getting a job just to do so...but it's adorable!
    keep up the good work!


  3. I love the photo of your "mess"! I love seeing stuff like that. Seeing what it takes to get to the finished product! And how people work. It's inspiring to me! :)

    I'm excited to see what new stuff you create! I love all of your things, I'm just realllllllllly low on moolah right now. But I hope in the fall I'll be able to swoop some stuff up!


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