Monday, August 30, 2010

final moments in chicago. part 1 1/2.

have you ever moved away from a place and you begin to think as each passing moment, passing day goes by you think, wow, this is the last time i'll get to eat this or go here or do that? this whirlwind of a weekend, amidst packing and moving and cleaning, ryan and i have made sure to enjoy and savor our time in the city.

and here are a few of those moments...

eating at one of our all-time favorite restaurants.
remember we ate with uncle phil here? and we even saw vince vaughn one summer.
forever in love with rosebud.

enjoying jamba juice with one of my best friends, ashley.

a final bike ride down lakeshore drive.

mmm, delish cake shakes from portillos with linds.
and of course, even on our last friend-date, we cont'd to meet and plot for sulu.
this is not the end of sulu. this is the beginning of an amazing adventure.

and of course, a final yolk-run with the big-boss, Joe-Go.
i will miss him so much. such a good boss and friend.
he was so good to put up with a crazy assistant like me.

meet-ups at washington park.
(better known by to our campus as make-out park. haha.)

then our long-awaited double-date with this amazing couple, phil and candance.
we love them and had such a blast at chinatown with them.
yup, we went to joy-yees.
and yes, ilene did get one last taro bubble tea latte.

(we had so much fun and took so many crazy pics
that i assure you a future blog post must be written up for it. so to be cont'd!)

it's even weird to write this post. part of me feels like we are really leaving - as the boxes pile up and the dust bunnies are cleaned up. as i find myself saying good-bye to one friend and then another. but then there is another part of me that knows this will not be the last time i'll be back to this incredible city. ryan said that we'll be back to visit. maybe even next summer. (um, maybe this fall before winter hits...hehe, jk. sort of.)

either way, it's nice to know that chicago will always be here. and it's just a matter of coming back and reliving those moments.

and the past week has really made me so thankful for this season. it's been a good one. i'm thankful for the dear friends i've made and the experiences i've lived. oh yeah you can count on me crying on tuesday morning as we drive out of the city, but like ryan said, aren't you glad that it's been a good season - that we are able to look back and smile at our time here? he's so right. i would trade it for the world.

[goodbye, chicago....for now.]

p.s. sorry i've been so MIA. i'm sure you can understand the chaos of moving. i also have had no internet. no fun. i'll also be better at blogging in the month of septemeber 'cause i'm actually going to be a full-time etsian and blogger and oh, yes a wedding-planner. so exciteed!


  1. wow, LOVE that first pic girl!! it definitely looks like you are living it up in chicago, that's sad to think it will be your last time at those places, but i am sure you will be back to visit!!! yay for full time etsy!! :)

  2. Hi Ilene! What an absolutely gorgeous send off to your dear city. I know you will miss it but your adventures that await you ahead sound equally fabulous! Thinking of you dearie, so many exciting things happening in your life! xoxo

  3. im sure that i'll be writing many posts just like this in about 7 months when we get ready to move to San Diego. In fact this weeknd starts my last football season in Auburn, which is kind of a big deal.

    However - I'm super jealous that you get to do full time crafty stuff. maybe one day i will too...

  4. what a sweet post! :) i'm sure it's crazy and chaotic, but you have so many beautiful pictures and memories to look back on! hope the rest of moving goes well!!

  5. Beautiful! Glad you are spending quality time with the city. I LOVE Rosebud on Rush... miss it so much!


  6. So crazy that you'll be leaving Chicago the day I'm headed back. I know exactly how you feel about the city (when I left last year just for the summer I died) and I can't wait to be back. I'll try to post some amazing Chicago posts so you can live vicariously through me as I have done through you all summer :).

    Good luck with the move!


  7. Beautiful pictures, bittersweet post.:D

    Thanks for sharing and good luck with the move!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  8. awww....portillo shakes. many good memories! [plus a Sulu adventure ahead!] -Linds.

  9. i always love reading your posts because you always have fun pictures! good luck with moving and have fun planning your wedding! :D

    <3, Mimi

  10. awww. i'm glad you had a great weekend cherishing chicago and all your great friends. Congrats on your new venture too!! How exciting to be a full time etsian and wedding planner!! Woo-hoo!

  11. Ilene I'm so glad that you had so much fun during your last couple of weeks in Chicago! I know you will be back soon. :) And I know you will make tons of new memories when you move! That's so exciting that you're going to be focusing on your Etsy full time! And wedding planning! Ah! So exciting. :) I hope that the move went well!

  12. hi ilene! gosh i feel like i've missed so much. i've been MIA in blogland these past few weeks. i have lots of catching up to do on your blog!


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