Tuesday, August 24, 2010

farmer's market finds.

i love saturday morning at the farmer's market.
there is something about the atmosphere.
the people.
the flowers.
the food.

i love the farmer's market even more when i'm with some of my favorite people in the world.
during the brandenbergers' stay in the city, we made sure to make a stop to by
one of our fave Chicago saturday locations,
the division st. farmer's market.

am i the only one amused by the cute elderly man beside kristine?

[btw kristine is also a blogger, so be sure to check out her farmer's market pics once they are uploaded!]

all of us drooled over the grilled cheese. there is nothing like it. i only seem to find them at farmer's markets so be sure to look out for them if there is a farmer's market near you. they are absolutely mouth-watering.
we all tried lots of delish food.
kristine got her salsa,
ryan his black berries,
and my ryan and i...well, we enjoyed the samples.

i especially loved this trip to the farmer's market 'cause when kristine and i were roommates for a year, we made sure to visit the market every weekend to buy ingredients to a chunky salsa that we were addicted to making that particular summer. it was fun to relive those fun summer days, especially with our ryans with us.

[happy tuesday, friend.]


  1. aw, this looks so fun! i'm living in Africa with my husband and i just got back from the 'Tuesday Market', where local vendors pile up their fruits, vegetables and few other random things to sale. love the variety and freshness!

    i think you should share your salsa recipe! :)

  2. I love these photos - they're fabulous! They really capture the essence of the market - I just laugh sampling cheese, grilled cheese is even better! xx

  3. mmmm, amazing. love the pics!

  4. I wanted to go to the farmer's market in Chicago SO badly, but never got a chance to! So, I'm glad you posted some photos of it. :) You are making me crave salsa and grilled cheese now, haha!

  5. i heart farmer's markets! those are some great shots you took!


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