Wednesday, August 4, 2010

current obsession: mustard yellow for any season

first, thank you to all the wonderful responses for past current obsessions!
(see here and here to view my obsession over pocket dresses and nerd glasses.)
because of the responses, i decided to make this a weekly feature.

[applaud, applaud, applaud]

today's current obsessions comes from my love for:
[mustard yellow]
it's one of those colors that is great for any time of the year really.
it's also a perfect color to transition from the bright, sunshine filled days of summer to cool, romantic fall evenings.

[via dandeliondreamer]

[via vintAGELESSbeauty]

and maybe some fun accessories to go along with your summer-to-autumn outfit?

[via pineapplemint]

[via christystudio]

[via megansmenagerie]

[via the mustardseeco]

i also think mustard yellow compliments so many other colors, too.
i love it with sage green or even turquoise.

do you have a particular color you are obsessed with?
or maybe a color you run to when seasons change?
please share!
[happy Wednesday, friend!]


  1. I am obsessed with green, I don't know how it started but I LURVE it. I also love yellow and turquoise so I am lusting after the purse you have in this post. I love how yellow can transition into fall so well but still be nice and cheery.

  2. *gasp* mustard yellow is my all time favorite color!!! my mum thanks the heavens it looks good on me because even if it made me look like death, i would still wear it. it is simply the most beautiful color. that being said, i want every one of the beautiful items you posted, especially those darling flats and the stripped dress. *swoon* xo

  3. oh swoon. mustard yellow gives me happy feet. and i officially want that mustard scarf/wrapie thing. soooo fun and perfect for fall.

    p.s. praying for your next few weeks here. love!

  4. Hello there!

    I just stumbled upon your blog and I just wanted to say I love it!! You are very creative and talented. I will be stopping by here again. I am now a follower. :-)

    I would love it if you would check out my blog.

    Have a great day!
    Melissa Nielsen

  5. Mustard yellow gives me a cozy feeling, I love how it can be a good color for day and night.:D
    Beauty. Fashion. Interior Design.
    & Life According to Marie.

  6. its been my absolutely fvorite color forever! my room was painted mustard yellow with sage green accenting it! i love it! happy wedesday!

  7. Too cute. I'm obssed with pinks and corals at the moment. xx

  8. love mustard yellow! i have a nice big yellow mustard purse i use all the time. i've gotten many compliments on it : ).

  9. you are so sweet i! thanks for you encouraging comments!

    i am mustard yellow obsessed as well!


  10. ohhh this is such a good colour!
    my all-time favorite colour is orange, but this is so close. I love them all!


  11. Those mustard flats are soooooo cute!

  12. i would say mustard yellow is a solid choice all throughout the year, yes! <3 i love your collection. sooo good. i love the first dress & the shoes! ahhh.

    and another color? i like red?

  13. i love the first dress A LOT! so bright and cheery.

    Just letting you know i'm hosting a giveaway right now, hope you enter:

  14. i LOVE this yellow! it is one of my wedding colors! and thanks so much for sharing, i totally bought those yellow shoes .. just my size! ;)

  15. to wear: coral
    to decorate/design with: robin's egg blue...but i'm sure you knew that ;)

  16. Totally having a yellow moment as well!

  17. Yep totally agree. It is a great color and one I have loved for awhile now. Great finds in one great color :)

  18. Love this color and was shopping around for a yellow purse but couldn't find the right shade. Lots out there that wasn't mustardy enough.know what i mean? loving the shade of that purse-perfect!

  19. Love this color for fall!! Perfect for transitioning the wardrobe...

  20. I love that color and I love every piece you chose. Amazing!

  21. you had me at the title!! I'm just obsessed with yellow - it goes with so many things (like turquoise - so perfect!) love your picks...umm, yes to it all :)

  22. this is actually one of my favorite colors....I am a little obssessed:) Great finds chica!

  23. oh my goodness i LOVE mustard yellow!! i love how vintage the color looks and how it makes me smile b/c it's yellow! and look at all these comments your getting ilene! :) have a beautiful weekend! don't get too stressed out with move stuff!

  24. Love mustard yellow but it's hard for my pale skin to pull off :( Cute flats though!

  25. Aloha! I clicked over from the hello splendor link party. Love your blog! So good to see a fellow creative sister in Christ!

    I'm currently a little bit obsessed with yellow too! It kind of snuck up on me and I recently realized how often I gravitate toward that bold, happy hue. :)

  26. I would LOVE to have the dress in the third photo!

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