Wednesday, August 11, 2010

current obsession wednesday: anything wedding, pls.

so obviously with the recent turn of events,
my current obsession
pretty much has to do
with anything

(you really shouldn't be surprised, folks.)

whether its white or ivory or lacy or sheer - or just plain prettiness, i'm hearting it on etsy or saving the web page because i am beyond excited to start planning for my wedding!

[via ktjean]

i'm on my lunch break - but i really would love to take the rest of the day off and just read through wedding blogs and day dream and write lists of things to do for the big day. i just keep telling myself that i need to focus on my job right now 'cause first, i want to finish strong in my current job...and second, come septemeber,
i'll have all the time in the world to wedding plan.

[happy wednesday, friends!]

p.s. thanks for all the recommendations for a wedding dress with pockets.
so excited to finally really look for one.
no more dreaming - this dress will be sought after!


  1. Oh my goodness, Ate! i LOVE wedding dresses with pockets! you should totally get one :D

  2. eeeeeeek! congrats sweet thang!!! you are going to make such a beautiful bride!!!

  3. Congratulations again and again and again! I can literally feel your joy through your entries and tweets! I'm so excited for you both!

  4. Congrats on your engagement! If you need any wedding planning help, please let me know. I'm handy with crafty stuff, can make veils, garters, and all sorts of wedding-ish goodies.

    -Michele N

  5. i am sure you're going to have a lot of fun planning your wedding! good luck! :D

    <3, Mimi

  6. wedding planning is sooo much fun! i loved looking through wedding blogs as well, although i didn't really start looking at them until after i was married! one of my friend's lydia has a blog called! it's got lots of beautiful inspiration on it, you should check it out!

  7. happy wedding planning and wedding dress finding!


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