Monday, August 2, 2010

chinatown: talk about a craving.

the bf and i hit chinatown, chicago 2x this weekend.
talk about addictions and cravings.

right after work on friday, ryan and i grabbed the red line, looking forward to some delish chinese food.

then on sunday, after an exhiliarting bike ride down lakeshore drive, we were trying to firgure out what to do for dinner tonight. we started listing off our normal faves. pizanos? silver spoon? subway? chipotle?

nothing sounded good.
until ryan said,
round two.

we still enjoyed some joy yees, even grabbed a tapioca freeze this time.
(love the tapioca - i always ask them for extra.)

what chinatown didn't have on friday and they had on sunday was their weekend chinatown market.
there were lots of cute booths with fun 'chinatown' trinkets, clothes, and all sorts of colorful goodness.
i kept telling ryan it reminded me of when i lived in okinawa, japan as a little girl.
(my daddy was in the u.s. navy.)
so much color and cute little trinkets.

these little guys cracked us up. they are kinda cute.

hope you had a chance to enjoy your weekend too,
whether it was spending it with people you love or getting some much needed alone time.

hope it was a good one, friend.
[here is to a brand new week!]


  1. oooh, the rice pic made me hungry.
    i like the glasses look on you!:)

  2. ooooh that's really cool they have a chinatown in chicago. i do the same thing too ask for extra tapioca balls and my favorite flavor is taro smoothie. yum!

  3. love love love your photos!
    mmm, I also love lots of tapioca pearls in my bubble tea ^_^

  4. Those little figurines are adorable! Looks like you had the best time!

  5. yayy im soo glad you went to joyyees and got some tapioca freeze, YUM!! and those tents were there when i went too! i was trying to take pictures of these hanging necklaces there and this lady scolded me and was like "no pictures, no pictures"! i did get some picture of it though hehe, i will post up my chicago pics soon, i'm soo behind! have a great weekend sweetie!!

  6. sounds like a entertaining weekend!
    i had boat loads of merrymaking myself. :)
    hope you have an excellent week!

  7. Great photos that really capture your experience. Oh, and yum!

  8. Yum!! Looks like a great weekend :) Such a fun place to explore!

  9. how i miss miss miss and miss more the joys of joy yee!! chicago chinatown is indeed amazing.

  10. I love China Town!:D You eat good food and can do a little bit of shopping!:D
    Beauty. Fashion. Interior Design.
    & Life According to Marie.


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