Friday, August 20, 2010

can i be honest for a second?

[rolling around like lil' rhino]

whew. life has been going
at the fastest rate ever.

i cannot think of another faster summer than this one. the days at work have evaporated with so much left to do...and the days needed to continue packing and getting rid of stuff in my apartment continue to dwindle. time with people is whizzing past, and the moments in the city are becoming less and less.

so forgive for being so MIA the past week. the nights have been later, and the mornings even earlier - and in between all that, i'm just fighting to stay on top of the water instead of below the surface.

it's just the pace of everything is like...Lucy from
i love lucy as the conveyor belt keeps the chocolates coming at her, gaining speed as the clock continues to tick. like lucy, i'm fighting to keep up with all the chocolates coming at her - even the ones whizzing past her.

so friend, do keep me in prayer during this crazy time. God continues to strengthen my faith it seems - and i'm okay with that. just pray that everything continues to go smoothly - and that my goal of savoring every moment remains in the forefront of my mind.

[happy weekend, friend.]


  1. hi ilene! so i just recently clicked on your proposal story... i got the chills all over and i teared up! it was so sweet and the words he said were so touching. i am so happy for you!! and i can't wait to read posts about your wedding planning, etc.

  2. Ah, I hope that things settle down a bit for you! Once you are moved you can just complete relax... Don't worry about not blogging or reading blogs or anything, just take some time to do what you have to! :)

  3. I'm can sympathize with you right now! Get your rest! Prayers headed your way!

  4. praying!...i'm feeling the same way about fighting to stay on top myself. i've been MIA from visiting blogs. i'm now trying to catch up. i sure have missed a lot of muchloveilly. have i been gone that long?


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