Monday, July 19, 2010

typewriters, rephidim, and stuffed french toast.

nothing like catching up
with a college friend.
well, obviously can't do that with every single college friend, but there is something about hanging out with someone with whom you can immediately dive right into the conversation.
there is no surface to break.
there are no intros or prefaces.

you also have the blessings of abundant mutual memories to laugh about, maybe even cringe.
a handful of my closest friends are those from my college days.
i had the chance to do that today
with my good friend, amanda.

[my fave order from yolk. stuffed french toast.
i.e. stuffed with cream cheese, drizzled with raspberry syrup.
so yummy.]

the one hour and five minute lunch break that i had was not enough time, but it was definitely cherished time. i don't think we stopped talking except maybe once to take a bite to eat our delish food from yolk or to breath. we caught up on our lives, amazed at how fast it seems to be going. we talked about our close knit group of college girlfriends and how we are in dire need of another reunion (did you hear that, ashley?). we talked about the future and about what God has been teaching us as of late, including struggles and fears and excitement. my time with amanda was truly refreshing.

[open books. the cutest, most amazing used book store i've ever been to.]

[i love vintage typewriters.]

[so does amanda. it's fun to have lunch-dates with other bloggers.
cameras come out of purses unashamedly.]

amanda, you are always such an encouragement to me.
thanks for the sweet visit!
see you at our next rephidim/bonafide reunion.

love you, friend.


  1. I used to go to Yolk when I lived in Chicago! Such a great place - I miss it.

  2. This was SO sweet. Love it, love you :) Thanks my friend! Can't wait to reciprocate on my blog! :)

  3. awwww what a nice post! i LOVE vintage typewriters as well, soo cooll!!

  4. i love and cherish friendships like that. so beautiful and sweet. lovin' that vintage typwriter. i have yet to actually take a picture of one.

  5. you are right ...nothing better than catching up with an old friend!
    Whenever I go out to breakfeast, if I see stuffed french toast on the menu I can't resist!

    Oh and by the way, where did you get that ceiling fixture? Its soo cool!

  6. Such a nice post! other than your sweet words, I adore that bubble chandelier and vintage typewriters! xo

  7. Love the name, atmosphere, and yummy looking food of that restaurant! and I agree being able to catch up with an old friend without any awkwardness is bliss.

  8. sounds amazing! I love how you made me feel like I was there (you've got a great writing style!)

  9. Ooh how much fun! Seems like a nice reunion :D and that French toast looks delicious!

  10. its so refreshing having those moments! i so wanna try the food there as well :) happy tuesday!

  11. I completely understand when you say "there is no surface to break." Isn't that just amazing how easy it is to start a conversation with an old friend. I love reunions, too!

  12. So jealous I had to miss this time with you two! I am all in for another Bonafide/Rephidim reunion! :)


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