Tuesday, July 13, 2010

all about winning. NOT.

tonight was all about winning.

...and dealing with the agony of defeat.

well, the night wasn't entirely about winning, but we definitely laughed a lot and competed against each other through a handful of crazy games. we played catch phrase, snorta
(not the kind that you think...more like snorting innocent animal sounds like 'oink'and 'quack'), and the questions game (which was brand-new to me and Ryan and i think is our new favorite game!).

tonight, the bf and i had a double-date with this fun couple,

[jason and alysia green.]

we had such a good time,
we all wondered why we didn't do this sooner?!

what's so sad about it is that they leave Chicago at the end of July; however, they have some incredible opportunities waiting for them in Nashville, TN, so it'll be great to see how life unfolds for them upon their arrival there.

alysia has become a very good friend of mine over the past year. we were actually students together, but we never crossed each paths. it wasn't until we both starting working full-time that our departments would often interact. the meetings turned into a lunch-date, which turned into weekly lunches, then a random halloween party (yay, bikers and pippi-long stocking), and then tonight, a double-date we've been planning on since february.

we both talked about that over lunch today, how unexpectant our friendship was,
but how much of a blessing it was that we had the opportunity to experience it.
i will miss her, but it's been comforting to have a friend going through a similar season.

so thankful for friendships.
[goodnight, world.]
see you in the morning.


  1. The Greens are so much fun!
    Why is EVERYONE leaving Chicago?!?!?

  2. awwwww looks like you had a fun evening!! did you use your new camera? love the pics!!

  3. The best friendships are often most unexpected =)

  4. I LOVE Catch Phrase. I have to calm myself down from yelling at people when they get stuck on a word.

  5. I love catch phrase- it's hysterical when me and a bunch of friends play....with drinks lol ;)

    Thanks for the twitter follow!!


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