Sunday, July 18, 2010


tomorrow is monday, folks.
where did the weekend go, right?

i got to give uncle phil a hug good-bye since he flew back to GA today. we had a good weekend with him. the bf and i love having people come in from out of town. after a refreshing church service, ryan and i had a relaxing afternoon. we had been running all over the city during the weekend, it was so nice to truly be blessed with a day of rest. i even got a chance to organize some of the piles of clothes, magazines, and art supplies scattered all over the floor (i cannot rest with clutter).

then ryan came over to my place and we cooked our favorite pasta dish together and watched distburbia.
(yay, shia! but oh man, i was so freaked out!)

later on, i pulled out my etsy supplies and worked on some orders while we watched a couple of episdes of our new fave show, modern family (it is ridiculously hilarious). and oh man, it was so hot outside, it was nice to be indoors for a change with the AC blasting and enjoying our new fave dessert (chocolate chip cookie dough icecream with freshly baked cookies - yes, together. mmmm.)

even added three new sets of rose earrings in the shop. the earrings seem to be the new hottest item in the shop. they've been selling like hotcakes. (thanks, friends!) the burnt orange ones are my personal fave - i even made myself a pair to wear, but i like these yellow ones too. perfect for summertime, don't you think?

so...hopefully everyone got a good chance to recharge before we all dive in for another monday.
there are defintely some things to look forward to this weekend, though.

lunch date with a college friend. working on new designs for the shop. crossing fingers that alli picks chris l. creating and brainstorming on the project. double date with rick and nora. grabbing dessert with sandy.

plenty of things already to look forward to this new week, so no complaints here.
but i'll try to remind myself of this lovely list at the ungodly hour of 5am.
yup, that moment my alarm goes off.
[nighty-night, folks.]


  1. sounds like a super busy week :) (love the pictures of the transformers set! ahhh!!!) anyway, happy monday! ;)


  2. glad you had a day to just relax and craft! i kinda did the same today. a little bit of organization like you i cannot rest with clutter. i love those earrings and i need to stop over at your shop and order myself a pair!

  3. Hi Ilene! I know you and love you and can't believe a celebrity like yourself commented on my blog! Ok, I sound kinda stalkerish, but I see your stuff everywhere so I feel like I know you. :)

    So glad to "meet" you through the alphabet hop!

  4. illene, your items are so beautiful! Isn't it fun to brainstorm for new creative ideas?!
    Have a wonderful Monday!

  5. what a lovely weekend! :) those earrings are too cute!!

  6. ohhh such pretty earrings, love them!! and i can't wait until sunday!!! where should we go for dessert??? :)

  7. your creations are super darling! love the little yellow ones! so cute! automatic smile!!

  8. Love the little yellow earrings! happy Monday!


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