Tuesday, July 20, 2010

one or two good reasons for a party.

though i nearly suffered from heat stroke and a mild case of suffocation at work today
(due to a broken air-conditioner),
the rest of the evening proved to be a much needed night of
relaxation and celebration
annika and i organized a surprise get together at a nearby tapas restaurant, cafe iberico,
to celebrate my roommate's birthday.
we also wanted to celebrate her and josh's recent
are those not two great reasons to throw a party?!

[waiting for sarah's appearance]

so many yummy tapas dishes. i could have definitely bought 2-3 dishes to inhale on my own. i don't even know all the proper names but the grilled shrimp, chicken ceasar salad, and the mussels were among my faves.

annika's favorite was the calamari. of course.

these wine bottles lined the ceiling. impressive decor.

[josh, the lucky guy marrying my roommate]

[laju and tabitha. aren't they cute?]

[the bf and me.]

so...happy birthday to my roommate, sarah!

but also...
congrats to her and her new roommate-to-be,
Mr. and Mrs. Woods.


  1. I love you rooms!!! you and annika made me feel very very special tonight!!! thanks for putting this together. I am very blessed to have all of ya'll in my life. looking at these pics makes me grin a BIG HUGE smile!! :)

  2. That is so cute! Happy Birthday to your roomie and congrats to her too! :)

    Btw, is she the one who is obsessed with baby Buddhas? Hehehe!

    ♥ Teresa ♥

  3. awwww...that was so sweet! good friends = sweet times.

  4. teresa: YES, sarah is the one obsessed with baby buddahs. you remembered! haha.

  5. ohhh ive actually been to that restaurant before and i loved it!! i am a huge huge fan of tapas, yum!!! happy birthday and congrats again to your roomie!!!

  6. lovely photos!! looks like a yummy meal to me! :)


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