Wednesday, July 7, 2010

shouldn't post these, esp. when i'm hungry.

it's 10:53pm.
i should be in bed.
my alarm will ring at the wretched hour of
but alas, i stumbled across these food pictures from the weekend and a few from today.

wish these places were open at this hour.
and like a 5-year-old, i wish i didn't have to go to bed.

[the pasta bowl with their variety of delish pasta dishes.]

[sweet mandy b's infamous sugar cookies with buttercream frosting]

[the cookie monster at mollie's]

and of course, some of the crazy people
that came with me to mollie's today.

so now i must go to sleep to dream about these lovely chicago treats
mmmm, yummy.
goodnight, folks.


  1. i love these pics:)

    but why is bryce so far away??:)
    they're growing up so fast! and so cute!

  2. bryce was being silly and stubborn and said he wanted to sit alone. that's why we're laughing in the pictures - even bryce - because of that reason and how funny it made the pictures look with him so far away!

    love them. :)

  3. i am totally hungry right now!! mmmm i could go for a breakfast cupcake!

  4. That sugar cookie looks divine!

  5. Mmm that cookie looks delicious :)

  6. Want that cupcake NOW. Looks sooooooo good!

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  7. These pics are going to make me hungry all day!

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