Monday, July 12, 2010

serious and not so serious notes.

on a serious note:
have you ever had something that you've been studying or thinking about that may apply or relate to your own life? though i'm not in school, i do work at a college which also has its own publishing company. i currently have the opportunity of reviewing an upcoming book that covers a rather controversial topic, a topic that even i can't seem to personally wrap my own fingers around it. i'm not at all afraid to voice my opinion on the topic - but i think i will wait once i've finished the review and also once i'm able to formulate my thoughts without stumbling through my verbal processing. right now all of my jumbled thoughts are on scribbled notes throughout the manuscript and video clips on my FLIP camera.

if you don't mind listening to my ramblings, they are coming.
will keep you folks posted, for sure.

thanks for listening.

on a not-so serious note:
cut and trimmed ryan's hair.
my 5th time to do it, and may i say that i'm becoming a pro?
and i always put on one of his t-shirts (which are hideously huge on him)over my work clothes
so i dont' get his long dark locks all over me.

sweet mandy b's run with these two crazies
i know. i know. it's becoming a weekly occurrence.
but we went to celebrate the roommate's recent engagement to her bf, josh woods.
woohoo!! congrats to the lovely couple!

the rest of the night consisted of annika and i working on things for ours shops, and sarah working on wedding-stuff. and we might have possibly enjoyed a little bit of the bachelorette. the guys were visiting hometowns - how can you resist an episode where ali gets to meet the guys' families? too cute. (as ryan put it, 'why not find something else to suck the life out of you?' no comment.)

alrighty, folks. i might have pushed the bed time just a teensy-bit tonight.
see you in the morning, world!

a HUGE thank you to all
who visited my blog through the alphabet hop!
it's been so fun meeting new bloggers and visiting new ones.
my blog-list has def. grown.
more letters to discover tomorrow.
can't wait!


  1. Those sweets look so good!

  2. you're pictures are wonderful!

  3. such fun photos! i just HAD to comment about cutting your man's hair. i've tried cutting my husband's hair TWICE. FAIL. after not-so-patient tempers, and 2 hours, we decided it wasn't worth it. haha :)

  4. loving your serious and not-so-serious "ramblings" as you call them. it's good to write it out once in a while.
    enjoyed your pics too!

  5. Such nice glimpses of life. Your blog is sweet!!!!!

  6. Is that a flip video I see?!! I've been wanting to get one! How do u like it?

  7. oh how i hate get hair all over me too!
    love your blog <3

  8. sweet mandy b's!
    oh how i love & miss it!
    somehow your posts always make me wanna make a trip back to chicago asap!
    i love it :)

  9. Hello :) Two thinks about this lovely post:

    1. ADORE the photo of the purple upholstery! Very dreamy.

    2. The Bachelorette-so addictive! I'm happy to hear I'm not the only one rotting my brain every Monday night. :) I'm (not-so) secretly in love with Chris L. Isn't he just fantastic hubby material? But Roberto...he's rather spicy too...

    Anyway. Totally enjoying your blog and just became a follower! :)


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