Thursday, July 22, 2010

sacrificing my dignity yet bringing joy to another.

once upon a time...
my bf had a bad day.
so i thought i'd cheer him up with a mushy note and this picture.

he hasn't had a bad day since.

joking, of course he's had bad days.
but he says this picture brings a smile to his face whenever he looks at it,
so he taped it to his fridge.
it honestly cracks me up.
i remember thinking that those bunny teeth would never go away.

thank the Lord that they did.


  1. heheheh you are TOOO cute!!

  2. omg!!! i triple ditto sandy! what a very cute idea! i'm sure it brings a sweet smile to his face everytime he looks at it!

  3. how cute! you are such a good friend :)

  4. oh my word. you are PRECIOUS. i love seeing my friend's pictures from back in the day. you are sooooo cute. and sweet for making ryan happy with this. :)

  5. That's ADORBALE! :) I bet your bf loved this :)
    That's so sweet :)


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