Saturday, July 17, 2010

run joey run. or rather, phil.

our day involved lots of running.
not what you might be imagining, but running was definitely a part of the day.

[running and jumping around while at the Bean.]

[running into his uncle's arms.]

see, told ya? lots of running.
the day also involved a lot of bike-riding.
it's the cheapest, healthiest way to get around - plus with how humid the day was, the breeze that comes when you are going at a pace faster than walking is very welcoming.

and look who i found on my bike seat?
i told you he always pops up.
he finds a way into my purse every time.

we also enjoyed gyros from johnny's grill, burrito bowls and guac at chipotle, and then ended the night with a chocolate-chip cookie pizza. it's been a good weekend with uncle phil.probably one of the best things that happens when a friend comes into town is that you get to be a tourist all over again. you do all the tourist-y the Bean and Navy Pier. lovelovelove it.and i can tell you with all that running and biking (plus the humidity in Chicago right now - whew!), i'm going to sleep well tonight.

see you all tomorrow!


  1. Wow that must be so much fun! Thanks for the comment on my blog <3


  2. i love all of the photos. btw what camera did you use to take it? i'm your new follower :)

    xoxo, Icha

  3. LOVE this blog, friend! Also, the little Dino makes me SO happy. :)

  4. I loooove that place!! I've been there lots of time...who knows? Maybe we ran into each other and didn't even know it! :)

  5. love seeing chicago through your blog! i have never been there but i hear a lot about people who fall in love with chicago!

  6. aisacha: i have a canon-rebel - and these pics were taken with an ef 50mm lens. hope this helps. highly recommended! :)


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