Wednesday, July 14, 2010

red frames, where are you?

i'm still on the hunt
for the right pair of red-frames.

[via vintageeyewearwest]

no, i don't wear glasses.
yes, i was one of those kids that tried to read in the dark
and to sit too close to the tv so that i could wear them.
yes, minus the attempt to go blind, i am still that kid that wishes i could wear them.
(see here and here.)
but its great that nowadays you can buy vanity glasses to wear for fun.
i just can't seem to find the right pair.
i'm sure i'll let you lovely folks know once i find them.
oh don't worry. you'll know.
*cheesy grin, scrunched nose*

or anyone out there have suggestions of where to look?
wanna help a sista out?


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE colored frames. A few years back, I had a deep red frames. I've since replaced them with a fushia frame. Keep us updated when you find the right pair!

  2. good luck finding a pair! i got lasik, so i wouldn't have to wear my glasses anymore. the prescription was low, but not low enough where i wouldn't run around without them. :p

  3. when you find a good pair, let me know!!!

  4. I had a pair just like that when I was little. Ahhhhhh, memories. HA!

  5. awww these are soo cute! i've always wanted a pair of glasses to wear as accessories - i don't need to wear glasses though! i used to wear colored contacts too (without prescription) b/c i wanted different colored eyes! i guess we always want what we don't have b/c i know most people who wear glasses/contacts wish they didn't have to! ok, i totally went off on a tangent here.. hope you can find those cute red glasses!!

  6. hehe, really like the energy of your blog! so happy and sweet! wish i could help you out on the glasses front though!

  7. aaah, I want those red frames too!

  8. i wear glasses and i want to get a pair of frames similar to those but get my suscription in them :}


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