Thursday, July 1, 2010

popcorn. packaging. & photo shoots.

girlfriends. popcorn. eclipse. giggles. sighs. edward. candy. laughter. cameras.oh did i say edward?
right, edward.

you gotta love a good romance mixed with some lovely ladies (that's right - it was a no
boyfriend/husband night! we didn't want to risk any of them ruining our much anticipated experience. sorry but they do! even ryan admitted that he's not good when it comes to jacob and those abs). i took some pics of the long line and my group of gals but i didn't know my new rebel well enough to get the settings right so they came out blurry or with too much light that you would have thought we were going with the pasty-white vampire look.

[see what i mean? icky pastiness.]

in other news...i got a new lens for my camera which i am pretty stinkin' happy about it. i am still playing with it and figuring out the settings or what not but i'm loving some of the pictures that its producing. give me time. grant me some grace. i'll figure it out soon. lovelovelove it, though.

[nan lawson. the ohhellofriend summer trade. uh-mazing.]
btw i have more trade items to post from some super talented artists but i don't know how to get it to focus on the smaller items.
its being stubborn like that. so will get those up once i can get the sh
ots i want.

[packing is so much fun.
i'm addicted to colors, happy tape, and twine.
but who isn't?]

[and these little headbands are for babies and little girls.
instead of the normal elastic, i sew/glue the poppies onto nylon headbands so that they are more gentle on ones head. they are making their flight over to a beautiful and stunning children's online boutique in south korea called baby bird.]

i've also been swamped with orders.

woohoo, praise the Lord!

i'm so not complaining. it's a good problem to have. keep them coming! i'm currently working on the whole discipline of time - but who isn't? plus i love what i do. it helps me to unwind after a busy, long day at work. yes, to creativity!

test #1

test #2

test #3

and here we have ilene photographing her bf at his every move. i think she nailed it on test #3.
he is lookin' gooood.
[poor guy. i think he was trying to tell me something.]
like i said i'll keep working on it.

the weekend is almost here. i can nearly taste it.
looking forward to it.

'night, world!


  1. yay for pics with your new lens! i do that all the time... take pics of my husband when he is trying to talk to me, LOL! love tape and twine too!!

  2. hehehe - i love it. it's too much fun! at least we have men that understand our artsy-ness, right?!

  3. yea, your new lens is here!!!!!! so excited for you!!! i had fun with you girls at the movie! i still can't believe julie is team jacob. she is a tough cookie to break, huh? let me know how toy story 3 is!!


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