Wednesday, July 7, 2010

party all the time.

i can't wait till i'm home.
then it'll be a party every day with this crazy girl.

she's definitely way cooler than me.
her style. her music.
she also takes better photos than me, plus she has mad editing skills.

you, sis.
can't wait.


  1. ha ha!! LOVE these pics!! And those shades:)

  2. Thanks for participating in my giveaway! I love your etsy shop!

  3. awww such fun pics of your seester!! have so much fun in south carolina! are you moving there for good??

  4. awww, so sweet!

    xo Alison

  5. as someone who is fervently trying to learn photo shop, i respect those who have already have the skilz. your sister sounds cool!

  6. it shouldn't even be legal to have fun without the middle sister there. i'm missing out!!!!!!!!! sniff...think of me when you're partying hard.


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