Friday, July 30, 2010

better later than never.

[in the midst of my crazy week, the bf brought me a sprinkles cupcake.
it got squished in the bag but who cares? it was delish. and yes, it helped with the madness of the day.]

i was recently tagged by the lovely moonbeamwishes. it reminded me of those random questionaires that went around among me and my friends during jr. high - so this was something fun and somewhat of a stress-reliever.

1.) What's a perfect styling for you?

I’m a “moody” dresser – always depends on my mood. I go from classics to vintage to retro. Perfect outfit always includes a good pair of worn jeans and high heels. Also my nails are always painted in bright colors – never been a fan of nude or light pink shades.

2.) For what do you spent the most of your money?

lots of it goes to food – esp since I live in Chicago. It is hard NOT to eat out cuz of so many good places around here. I also spend a chunk of it on supplies for my etsy-shop, books I never get around to reading, and clothes/accessories.

3.) What's your favorite song at this moment now?

At the moment “Dog Days are Over” by Florence and the Machine. Gah but I’ve also been addicted to the "500 Days of Summer” Soundtrack

4.) Which excellences do you think you have?

I can inhale a cheeseburger in 5 minutes. I have the tendency to laugh during moments when im not supposed to. And I’m a good listener (what did you say?). Because of my mom, I was taught to find awesome sales anywhere – learn to wait and pounce at the right time.

5.) And what are your failings?

if I’m tired or hungry, I’m easily irritated. I plan to work out 3x a week and normally make it to 1x a week. I have the inability to walk into a thrift shop (seriously I’ve tried and then I go frozen with the disorganization and the thought that other people have worn the clothes – but I WANT to be able to find good vintage dresses that everyone seems to blog or tell me about.) Currently in the process of working on all three.

i actually meant to have this up the day she tagged but its been a pretty crazy week. yesterday, i left my apartment at 7am and didn't get home till 8:30pm (2 of those hours was spent with the bf and 2 1/2 hrs at argo with lindsey working on project - so two very good things, yet of course made for a long day).

and alas, it is Friday, folks.
i'm so looking forward to the weekend.
enjoy yours, friend.
[happy friday!]


  1. ahhh we should go thrifting together!! although, i've never bought clothes before but i do see all these vintage dresses other people buy and i'm like why can't i ever find stuff like that? maybe b/c im intimidated by the worn clothes too!

    i wish sprinkles was in chi-town this past weekend so we could have gone hehe!! but glad you get to enjoy it before leaving!

  2. girl, we have LOTS in common! if i'm hungry, cold, & tired- my husband knows to stay away! i laugh way too much- but it's a good thing, right? :) hope you have a lovely weekend!

  3. lol, i am with you, my mum can always find the cutest clothes at thrift stores but i never can, that may because i don't feel like digging for a dress/ clothing article. i am super glad you liked this little questionnaire. :) hope you had a delightful week and may you have a enchanting weekend and t.g.i.f.!!! :)

  4. I LOOOOOVVVVVEEEEE sprinkles cupcakes! I mean LOVE them!

  5. I'm so excited to go to Sprinkles this weekend!!!!!!! Ah I can't wait to go to Chicargo! (hehe) I'm SO exciteddddddd!

    I LOLed at you being able to inhale a cheeseburger in 5 minutes. That's some mad skill, yo! I think I ate a big mac in about 5 minutes once... I was SO HUNGRY! Haha! And I totally feel ya on the whole thrift store thing. I feel JUST like that!

    Maybe I'll see you along the streets of Chicago this weekend!

  6. Yum, that cupcake is so cute :D


  7. i have yet to taste a sprinkles cupcake. it was on my list of places to go when we went to CA last month but never made it. they are suppose to open one here in Charlotte but i don't know when. lol! my girls have the same thoughts about buying clothes at thrift shops and i'm the same way as your mom...teaching my girls to look for bargains, never buy at full price, always look for sales and learn to wait! love that!

  8. i love that you dress for your mood.

    mmm...chicago food. i've heard great things. must make a trip out there someday,

  9. I dress for my mood too, it's more fun that way right?! :-)

    Hope you have a great weekend, and thanks for the sweet words on my blog!

  10. OUr excellences and failings are identical! That cupcake looks delicious! LOVE your blog :)

  11. ha ha, I'm glad I'm not the only one - I walk into a thrift store for clothes and I'm immediately overwhelmed and never seem to find these adorable dresses I see from other people!! and i always have a grand plan for working out...i'm lucky if i get in 1x a week anymore :) great post!


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