Sunday, July 11, 2010

much love monday. jeffrey the dino.

jeffrey is our new friend.
he joined me and the bf for the 4th of july.
i have a feeling he'll join us for more adventures.

(he joined us for toy story 3 but it was too dark in the theater
and ilene didn't know how to adjust the settings on her rebel,
so the pic didn't really turn out.)

either way, jeffrey always happens to be in my purse.
i promise he'll make more appearances.

p.s. i got him as a little package trinket when i ordered a much coveted wallet from madebyhank.
not only are her products awesome - so is her marvelous packaging!

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  1. oh my! i love jeffrey :)
    and i've always wanted something from madebyhank...soon hopefully!

  2. he he loove it!. Rex is my favorite character in toy story!! :D


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