Thursday, July 15, 2010

the movie nerds.

last night felt like a friday night.
it definitely could have been. ryan's uncle phil came into town.
he's never been to chicago, so we kicked his visit off with deep-dish chicago pizza at girodano's, lots of walking, and chilling out on the set of transformers 3 (aka micahigan ave.).

[ryan got a little camera happy. he likes how he can go click-click-click really fast on the rebel.
so yeah, there are like 10 of these pictures of me in a row.
some def. not so attractve 'cause i was in mid-sentence.]

[yup, this is uncle phil. he ages well.]

[i will miss you, deep-dish.]

[nephew and uncle. have you figured it out yet?]

[can you imagine how much micahel bay paid to close this down. and it wasn't just for the night. it's closed down all weekend.]

[yeah i was pretty giddy about it. i'm a HUGE movie nerd.
i love movies, and i especially love behind-the-scenes stuff.
dad and i were always the movie critics of the family.]

[ i wasn't the only one excited about it.]

[oh, i'm also dating a movie nerd/critic. he's an even bigger one than i am.]

[ see? it's for REAL.]

[we were told it was only set-up last night. it would take 10 hours to just set-up for the film-scene. so yeah, no shia to be found...yet.]

[WGN journalist.
mom and margaret, you probably know this woman - since you both watch WGN to make sure your children are safe in this crazy city! she was reporting on how the closing of michigan avenue would affect twenty-two bus routes and jam a lot of the traffic.
that's the last thing chicago wants to hear, espeically on one of the busiest streets of the city.]

[these guys took their jobs way too seriously, but at least this one complied when we asked him to turn around so we can take a pic of his shirt. yeah, its legit.]

so these are the random things of chicago - or any major city - that i'm in love with. i've had my string of run-ins and starstruck movie moments in the city [Vince Vaughn at Rosebud, Jennifer Hudson at H&M, Matt Damon and Andy Garcia near Washington Park to name a few)].
love it.

p.s. we might walk past michigan avenue later today, too. there is a rumor that the actual filming of the scene is happening this evening. if i could see shia labeouf in person, it'd make my night.
i've been a fan of shia all the way back to even stevens. i think he's hilarious.
i'm a fan of bumblee too but i already met him. see here.

oh, chicago. i LOVE you.


  1. How exciting! I'm such a movie nerd, too!
    Don't judge me for this, but I cried in the first transformers... When bumblebee lost his legs it was just too much for one person. :) Loved looking at your pics!

  2. ohmigoodness! i totally agree. i am a total movie buff and this is thrilling!
    lol, i understand the need for the photo of the fellow's shirt, it's pretty amazing and it needs to be documented. :0) good luck seeing shia.

  3. SO MUCH FUN!!!! Your night sounds totally awesome and you are so cute!! I love seeing all this movie stuff. Movie things don't come to Richmond unless they are period films from Thomas Jefferson times. Totally hope you get to see Shia. Have a great weekend my dear!

  4. Ok I have a few things to say:
    1. I actually really love that first picture of you by yourself. So Pretty!

    2. My great-great grandmother and her daughter (my great-grandmother) were pregnant AT THE SAME TIME. Plus I'm about to have a first cousin that is 27 years younger than me, so I totally get the uncle-nephew thing.

    3. I'm a HUGE Braves fan (I'm sure you've noticed on Twitter) so it makes me very happy to see that Uncle Phil is sporting the Braves gear in Chi town.

    4. I also have an Uncle Phil.

    5. Oh wait, this comment has had nothing to do with the actual topic of your post...

    6. I love Shia too. Total movie nerd here.

  5. you have an awesome blog! i am loving all your photos!
    happy friday!

  6. lol, you are soooo cute + beautiful! and you + your man are such a cute couple. wow the celebs are all over chicago! that is so fun, thanks for sharing :) happy weekend! xo.

  7. I love Matt Damon. And Even Stevens.

  8. helllllooooo deep dish pizza! Yum. I so adore your blog. I'm adding you to my blog roll, lady!

  9. wow this looks so fun!! this makes me really want to visit chicago! thank you for visiting :)


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