Wednesday, July 21, 2010

looking back. and oh a few giveaways for you, folks.

[very, very first shop banner.]

it's crazy to think that when i opened up my etsy shop in November 2009, i had no idea what all of this would evolve into. my dear friend, whit and her husband, shawn had been encouraging me for the longest time to open up a shop. i would often paint or make cards while she created items for her etsy shop.

[summer 2008]

[whit making cloth-covered buttons/magnets for her brighter day shop.
and that is her husband and my good friend, shawn - always supportive of creativity.]

finally after two or so years of telling me to join in, i opened up shop, started with cards then button hair-charms and eventually the poppy garland headbands. a couple months later as business continued to grow i opened up this blog to keep up with family and friends as we all moved on to different seasons of our lives but also to update blog-world on my shop. (i already had a blog with tumblr but my blogger friends complained about not being able to comment so i finally gave in, plus tumblr was starting to drive me nuts.)

[these old pictures crack me up. i wonder how these ever even sold.]

anyways, my shop is far from the 1,000 sales mark, but even so, i think its good to remember how it all started - to remember what it was like the first time i saw the number 1 by the word sale. much love-illy has also been a huge creative outlet for me, something that i've needed for a very long time. i also did not expect the circle of friends that come your way via etsy, blogger, and twitter. it's been so refreshing to meet so many creative, inspiring people in this way.

so for those of you thinking about starting an etsy shop, there is no better time than now. you just have to do it. i would even say this applies to other dreams you might have. it might not be an etsy shop, but it might be that book you've been wanting to write...that person you've been wanting to get to know...or that project you've been dying to pursue. so going with the nike route, just do it. you won't know unless you try.

enough of the lecture.
*cheesy grin*

for those of you wanting more of much love, illy there are currently PLENTY of opportunities for you to get a hold of gift certificates and poppy garland headbands and lovely accessories.

(click on the buttons for access to each blog/giveaway.)

The Ivy Twines

check out this lovely blog with more than a handful of giveaways. there is much inspiration to be found here because of their wonderful introductions to so many shops and many talented artists. ivy twines also has a great cause called "give back," so be sure to take a look at it!

lovelybym is another fantastic blog that i'm actually currently sponsoring. the blog showcases michelle's life with her lovely family, incredible photography, her own adorable shop. michelle too is a great supporter of small business and artists as she often introduces new etsy shops and artists to her readers.

so just being honest here, i still get giddy-excited when people ask me to host a giveaway or to sponsor their blog. i get giddy over every single sale that i get. i love every comment that i get from a reader. i relish the feedback i get from muchlove-illy products. i think its important to always savor the little things. the little things are what help us to keep going. i feel very blessed and thankful.

its funny how even this post evolved to be a longer one than i expected. i was just going to mention the giveaway opportunities, but oh well. hopefully you got a morsel or two from my sporatic, random thoughts.

thanks for listening!

[happy wednesday!]


  1. Such a sweet post :) It's so inspiring to see how much you've grown in such a short time! Keep doing what you've been doing- your love for what you do shows!!

  2. your shop is so beautiful, and worry not- your begining photos are n-o-t that bad, mine were
    a-w-f-u-l. lol, its a wonder how i am sold anything. my etsy is still just starting off, but i am proud of my baby. :)
    i love the pictures of your making the cards and the earrings. too cute!

  3. congrats!! congrats! Somehow I didn't know you had an etsy shop... going shopping now!

  4. OMG! So happy to have found your blog via twitter. Happy to be following you everywhere now, and going to check out your etsy shop stat! Keep doing what you're doing, you love it and it shows!! xoxo Mwah! - Trish

  5. Hey! I just stumbled upon your blog and I'm glad I did! I'm in the process of just making some things to FINALLY open up my etsy shop! And I finally took the plunge and started writing some stuff on my blog (check it out if you'd like. :)). I'm excited to get things going. So reading a blog post like this just makes me even more excited to get everything up & running! Anyways, congrats on having your etsy store running for so long, and here's to more years! :)

  6. thanks for the words! love seeing when and where you began and where it has taken you!

  7. thanks for your inspiration! it's really awesome to read about success stories...and i wish you nothing but more success in the future!

  8. your etsy shop is amazing. i love it. and that's great that you have a friend who you can craft with! they make everything better! thanks for the encouragement too. i just started my etsy, and it's slow did you start your etsy? did things just take off naturally?

  9. awww....glad you listened to your friends and opened up your etsy shop and thanks for sharing your beginnings.

  10. Aw, this is so cute. I like how you still get excited about making sales or sponsoring...and this is very motivational! Thanks girlie!

  11. awww I missed this post earlier but I love it!! I have so much to talk to you about tomorrow about possibly starting up my own etsy shop!! You can be the person that really pushes me to do it!! I'm soo glad you opened up shop and how amazing it's only been a few months for you!!!


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