Saturday, July 3, 2010

lemons into lemonade.

this was not on my weekend list.
it was a call for spontaneity and for making lemonade out of lemons.
if you count getting lost a lemon.

and i do. i actually don't do very well when i'm lost. i either start freaking out and giving every which direction to go. OR i can be the extreme opposite and just sit back and not say a word and let the stress build up inside of me.

ryan was the one driving and since he seemed to have it all under control, i took on more of the being quiet and let the stress build up inside of me.

let me start from the beginning. we were on the hunt for a cracker barrel (we are both southern at heart and we LOVE cracker barrel!) we always are when we have the opportunity to borrow a friend's car (we don't own one since we live in downtown chicago and we practically walk everywhere or take public transportation). ryan had googled locations and found that there was one in tinely park. let's just say that when ilene read the directions outloud to ryan, she happened to skip a sentence mentioning the need to turn to exit 57. oops.

so we kept driving - good oldies and top 40s playing on the radio. ryan sang along to his old favorite, dave matthews, and i to kelly clarkson and then together on daughtery or bon jovi. we kept driving for a good bit, really.

and we found ourselves driving right into...indiana. we figured we missed tinely park at this point.

i started to freak out...internally, esp. when is saw signs leading us to gary, indiana. (i love MJ but gary makes me nervous. probably because it made my parents nervous when we drove through there the first time they took me to chicago - and they started freaking out when the saw all hte old train tracks with graffiti all over them. mom kept saying, we're leaving our daughter here?)

not to bore you with the all the details, friend...but basically, ryan remembered during his googling-search that there was a cracker barrel in hammond, indiana. we didn't have the directions but we started by text-googling and getting the CB's phone number...and a kind woman there gave his directions.

i can't tell you how happy we were to find it.

we ordered our favorites panackes with the 100% natural maple syrup. ryan had his bacon and eggs and biscounts. i had my fave hashbrown casserole. there was nothing like it. and of course i don't have pictures of everything we ate - because we downed our food pretty fast.

oh and i'm also in love with the decor of cracker barrel. all the old antique finds are so fascinating. i wonder if someone has the job to just hunt for all the vintage pieces for the place.

and of course, we couldn't leave without a game of checkers on the front porch of cracker barrel. and yes, ryan usual.

the night didn't end there - but sadly, my battery camera died before i was able to capture any bit of it (took a few on my camera-phone...need to figure out how to upload them though). ryan and i stumbled upon a small-town parade and an old-school carnvial. we loved it! the people were all so friendly. there was popcorn and cotton candy and lots of fun carnival rides. we clapped for the firetrucks and the veterans and old-fashion automobiles as they drove down the street. the children were all eagerly waiting on the side with plastic bags and container in expectation of candy from the firefighters. the weather was perfect. i was with my best friend.

though we love the city, sometimes its good to be back in a small town and take a break from the stress and busyness of it all. i think we both needed it without realizing it. we both agreed it was a great way to kick off the 4th of july weekend!

[happy weekend, friend.]


  1. awwww!!!! love this post. i am a big cracker barrell hash brown casserole and pancake with their fried apples! yummy. happy 4th!

  2. Great post! :) Wish I'd known about your adventure... my family lives 5 minutes from Tinley Park :) I could have gotten you there! hahaha

  3. So sad about getting lost, but yeah for finding it:-) Looks yummy!


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