Friday, July 9, 2010

jade is the new black.

inspired by katrina's (of pugly pixel) much-love monday post,
jen and i were on the hunt for o.p.i's
jade is the new black

(and don't forget who you are talking to. i'm the girl who paints her nails every 3 days...i'll push it to 4 days if i'm swamped with shop orders. only then. it's a stress reliever plus i love colorful nails. i type all day at work so i might as well enjoy looking at them.)

oh, i love it my new polish oh so much.
plus the fact that i'm obsessed with the color GREEN probably adds to it.

the hunt itself was so fun. jen and i made an ulta run (don't have pics of cuz i was busy oohing and aahing over all the colors - esp. since it was another buy 2 get 1 free deal.) after the necessary purchases were made, we headed across the street to whole foods. yay, baby!

[random turtle on her dashboard. he's so adorably cute.]

[dear whole foods, i will always love you, but i can't always afford you.]

jen is scared of escalators going down.
she can go up, just not down. the whole foods one especially scares her.
so she took the elevator while i rode down alone.
it was rather lonely.

only had the 50mm lens, so we couldn't fit in the pic.
i still think this pic captured our happiness for fridays, nailpolish, and girly conversation.

i cannot express i'm happy with the fact that it's the weekend. funny thing about 4-day work weeks...though its lovely to have one day off, it makes the rest of the week rather stressful. the days themselves seem so long, but there is more work to cram into the shorter week. this weekend currently looks pretty low-key and i'm really going to enjoy that. the upcoming weekends are starting to look pretty packed now - with last minute dinners and coffee dates with dear Chicago friends. we are all realizing how short the days are becoming before i leave chicago. aaaaah, don't want to think about it. its starting to hit me though. i look forward to savoring my weekend.

[night, world. happy friday.]
*waving my hand with myjade is the new black painted nails*


  1. green suits you, Ilene -- really cute! thanks for the link love, you! :)

  2. great color! I have mine painted turquoise now :)
    have a great weekend xoxo


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