Saturday, July 24, 2010

HUGE giveaway. oh and happy saturday!!!

elsie is having quite the party over at her amazing blog, A Beautiful Mess. there are some inspiring DIY posts, new items for Red Velvet Shop, and a HUGE giveaway that i have the privilege of being a part of. she is giving away 16 items from all her shop-sponsors to one winner.

pretty good, huh?

i'd totally jump on it if i didnt happen to be a contributor
(then again there are already so many people signed up, maybe no one will notice...hehe. jk.)

and don't forget these two other Much Love Illy giveaway's happening right now:
The Ivy Twines and Lovely by M.
So many opportunities!

Also look out for an upcoming End of the Year Summer Sale in my shop, as
well as the Autumn Collection - woohoo!!!!
Be sure to come back soon.

Hope all of you have a wonderful Saturday!
Aren't you glad it's the weekend...finally?!
It's going to be a busy day but a fun filled one for me.

going to see 'SALT' with the bf. updating the shop with sale and new designs. filling shop orders. bike-riding to the beach. eating cherries. playing with bruiser. purging closet in prep for move. double-date with rick and nora.

ok, ok. i know that is ALOT. i think that is my ideal list. wish we had more hours in the day.
either way, i'm looking forward to a lovely day off. i wish the same to you, friend.
[happy saturday, folks!]


  1. Is that the same as a date with Rick and Laura (hah!). Sounds like a great weekend!
    Also, if you need to get rid of some clothes before you leave...i understand. And I'm MORE than willing to take some of that off your hands. Give me Till the 15th.

  2. ohh, nice! i'm going over there to enter! :) have a fantastic time today! sounds like your busy! have funn <3


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