Friday, July 2, 2010

happy dance. happy list.

it's hard to believe that its already july. where did june go? this really is probably one of the fastest summers i've ever had in chicago. maybe it has something to do with moving at the end of the summer.

but we're not going to think about that right now.

instead, i have a happy list for the day.

1. are these bows not so much fun?! i keep going back and forth on whether or not i need one. of course, i don't need one, but oooh, i think i just might. also i'm def. excited about the opportunity to sponsor A Beautiful Mess, such an inspiring and creative blog (find my lil' ad on the right-hand side of the screen and look out for an upcoming giveaway this month!). elise is uh-mazing at what she does.

[via redvelvetart]

2. doesn't this collage scream, "Let's get off now and get the 4th of July party started!"?! it was created by my blogger-friend, sandy. wasn't it so sweet of her to include my headband in this collection? cheers to the red,white,& blue!

[via sandyalamode]

3. and of course, folks, it's Friday! and it's a three-day holiday weekend. that's enough to be happy about, right?

4. i'm also taking some personal time to head over to Emmy's performance in Alice in Wonderland. (do you remember Emmy? i've mentioned her and her lil' bro a couple of times before. they are the kids i have babysat for since i graduated college. they are hilarious, a blast to be with, and just balls of energy!).

we'll be cutting it a little close since i'll get off at 2:30pm and the play starts at 3pm but it's not terrible far, so i think we'll be ok.

so happy about the three-day weekend. right now it looks like its going to be a relaxing one with lots of the following involved...

food. my-Ryan. phone calls with family. taste of chicago. time with friends. etsy. reading outdoors. toy story 3. bike-riding. navy-pier. sleeping. picnic. (just a little bit of) cleaning. alice in wonderland. church. coffee. joann-run. walking around the city. bree tanner. beach.4th of july sales. fireworks. playing with new camera. more sleep.



  1. awwwww i LOVE elsie's blog, it is soo much fun and those bows are adorable! that's awesome you will be a sponsor on her blog! and THANKS for including my collage on your blog, yayayayay!! how fun! =) have a great weekend lady!!

  2. have a wonderful weekend!

    xo Alison

  3. great list! woo, friday! have a great holiday. :)

  4. so cute!!
    take him with you next time to Eclipse, he might like it, Im sure mine wont! hahaha! have a lovely weekend! xoxo

  5. Beautiful list!
    Happy weekend! xo

  6. those bows are tooo cute. happy weekend! hope you have fun! :)

  7. i think you probably do need one of those bows. i think i probably do too.
    i'm a little bit jealous of elsie. but i still follow her blog and all that. can't help it. :)

  8. What adorable bows and I love this collection...very 4th of July and oh, so festive! I hope you have a lovely holiday weekend. ♥

  9. i bought one of RA's knitted bow clips -- love it. i think it's a hair accessory worth buying.

    sandy's collages always inspire. :)


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