Monday, July 26, 2010

to mom 'cause i love you.

isn't my mom beautiful?

she recently connected with some of her high school friends and one of her friends made a collage of all their graduation photos. i love old pictures of my mom. actually i have talked to her family members and her high school friends when i had visited the Philippines. they always talked about my mom as being the most beautiful girl in the town (or barrio/barangay as those towns within towns are called in the Philippines). they also say i look like my mom. what do you think?

dearest mom.
you mean the world to me.
you are my best friend.
you are the example of a godly woman that i hope to be.
you are loving, generous and always sacrificial.
you are the most beautiful woman that i know.
you love daddy and i know he adores you.
you always make us laugh.
you always make us food, too.
(watermelon? hehehe.)
you give incredible fashion advice.
and most importantly, thank you for your love for GOD.
i believe that is because you love Him so much,
you are the best mom and wife that anyone could ask for!

[via timtabstudios]

mom, i love you so much.
[happy birthday!]


  1. happy birthday to ilene's wonderful mother! i hope you have a splendid day :)

    xo Alison

  2. happy birthday to your gorgeous mom!

    Those photos are adorable :)

  3. Your mum is beautiful, I hope she has a wonderful day :)

  4. moms are the best, yours is sooo cute! hope she has a wonderful birthday! :)

  5. awww happy birthday to your beautiful mother!!! hope she has a great day!! :) what a sweet post!

  6. Happy Birthday to your mom!! Your mom is so beautiful, she hasn't changed a bit! :) And you DO look like her! :) Hope she has a wonderful day today :)

  7. What a SWEET post to your mom! Happy bday to her :)

  8. happy birthday to your mom! and yes you are just as beautiful as she is. love all the pics!

  9. I think your mama is beautiful and so are you!

  10. aw, so sweet! and she is beautiful! i really like your mom too :)

  11. Aw this is so sweet! Happy birthday to your mom. :)


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