Friday, July 2, 2010

emmy in wonderland.

ryan and i enjoyed a delightful afternoon at the looking glass theatre. we had the opportunity to watch emmy perform at her acting-camp's summer finale performance of alice in wonderland.

first, i love the story already. i wish i could be alice in a play!
and second, emmy is becoming quite the little actress.

i told her that i might need to get her autograph now so that if she gets big and famous and forgets who i am,
i'll already have her autograph - and i'll be able to tell people
"i knew emmy! i was her babysitter!"
she just laughed at me.

welove these kids like crazy!
emmy and bryce, you two are the best.

and by the way, emmy, you were spectacular!
but don't forget.
you owe me an autograph!


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