Thursday, July 1, 2010

dear mom. clothing, a necessity.

dear mom,
the next time you go shopping, don't forget your most favorite eldest daughter.
i'm in need of some new summer skirts...for work and for play.
like you said, clothing is a necessity. and notice these are not at all baptist-length, so i think you'll be happy with the choices (unlike the skirt that i wore on here - i know you love that one).
so if you think of me, keep an eye on these lovelies - or something similar.

p.s. ashley, thanks for the intro to this fun shop!

note: my mom, no joke, always finds me the best outfits. she'll surprises me with a certain look or style - but then i'll put on the shirt or shoes, whatever, and they always end up looking uh-mazing. AND she's good at finding them at good prices. she's like my own walking instyle or lucky mag.

mom, you're the best. love you!


  1. awwww that's soo cool that your mom shops for you and finds the best outfits!! i love all your picks!

  2. thanks for your cute comment! it's much appreciated! and cute blog, i love it! i'm now a follower!
    xoxo, jamie

  3. i LOVE that 2nd one. perfect shape + design :)

    xo Alison

  4. yup, yup - MOM is def. pretty great! ;)

  5. haha you're welcome! i get in way too much trouble here....i figure someone else should join the fun ;) Happy 4th lady!


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