Sunday, July 25, 2010

daydreams do come true.

i think i say this at the end of every weekend.
but i'm going to say it again.
i can't believe tomorrow is Monday!
seriously, where did the weekend go?

however, i have no complaints. its been an incredible, fun-filled weekend. got some s
leep, watched SALT, enjoyed dear friends, enjoyed some bike riding, worked on some muchlove-illy orders (didn't purge my closet like i should have; will do it tomorrow - fingers crossed.)

and today was like a cherry added to the top of an ice-cream sundae.
[warning: ultra long post, but an ultra good one. i promise.]

speaking of ice cream...i had the lovely opportunity to meet up with sandy. those of you not familiar to blog world, sandy has one of the most admired blogs out there which is adoringly called, sand
yalamode. she is as adorable and beautiful inside and out as she is on her blog. i found it very easy to talk with her and we quickly filled up our two hours together talking about chicago, our lives, blog world, and etsy. i think we could have talked beyond the two hours if we did not have other time commitments. she is such a sweetie and feel blessed to have found a new friend.

[me, sandy and her friend, ning-ju.]

[again no shame when it comes to pulling out cameras if you hang-out with other bloggers.]

[beautiful hair charms made by sandy herself.
they are even my favorite shade of green!
can't wait wear them.]

[grand luxe's strawberry short cake. oh, baby its the best.]

thanks for a fun time, ladies!
hope we can meet up again soon.
lovelovelove it.

later on in the afternoon, the bf and i decided to take a mid-afternoon walk around the city. it was such a beautiful day, you felt guilty to even think about vegging. yet after such a busy weekend, i was def. thinking vegging. the thought of watching a movie and lounging around sounded bliss. ryan was quite the opposite. he wanted to go bike-riding and running and skipping (the boy has so much energy!), so we met in the middle by enjoying a walk outdoors. ryan mentioned something about hearing transformers 3 being filmed up on wacker drive and part of me groaned inside.

most of you know, two weekends ago i was pretty obsessed about finding shia since T3 was being filmed on michigan ave. (see here and here.) well, after checking out the film site 3x and not finding him anywhere, my lil' heart gave up.

so we make the trek. ryan was on the go. i was pushing myself forward, thinking how nice it would be to take a sunday nap now. i wouldn't need a nap when we turned the corner and saw what we saw.


i'm still in shock over this. my knees were shaking. i felt like a giddy high-schooler when i said, shia, could i please get a picture with you? my knees were still shaking as we took the picture. i even hugged him and put my arm around his (p.s. the dude is ripped; guess you have to be if you are in T3). so weird and unreal. i just didn't think it would actually happen. later, i told ryan that i had this whole thing ready to say to him, but my tongue got all twisted once he got there. (it was going to be something like, i've been a fan since even stevens or something along those lines.) by the time, i collected my thoughts he kept moving down the line. its crazy - we were the 2nd to last to get a photo with him 'cause his press-agent or whomeever said he needed to wrap it up. ryan told me he was so happy that i finally got my picture with him. he actually was the one asking shia and patrick if i could get a pic with them. (isn't the bf so great?!)

okay, and check out the added, unexpected bonus!
who else by Patrick Dempsey?!!!

this last picture of me and ryan crack me up. i told you were are like giddy high schoolers. and like mentioned in previous blog posts, movie nerds. oh, btw patrick dempsey was super nice. he even shook ryan's hand and told him, thanks for coming out. it was refreshing to see a movie star like that. it was all so much fun. ryan and i couldn't stop laughing at the chance we just got.

and oh yes, both shia and patrick are two good-looking guys on-screen and off, just in case you wanted to know.

so now i need to get off this crazy cloud i'm on and try to get some sleep since an early alarm-clock will sound of at the ungodly hour of 5:00am. even so, its all worth it.

a new friend.
fun chicago memories with the bf.
transformers 3.
and oh yes, (finally) meeting shia labeouf.

(anyone up for renting transformers 1 and watching it with me?)


  1. OH. MY. GOSH. hahaha. I am so jealous! hahaha.
    Those are AMAZING pictures of very attractive men. I can't believe you got so close to them! That's amazing! So fun! :)

  2. Whoa! Ilene that is just unreal! Those pics are awesome!!

  3. I'm so glad you got to meet Shia and Patrick. That looks like a wonderful day. I live in Chicago for school and I'm so sad you'll be moving because I love how much you adore Chicago (I feel the same way, which is why I'm moving there for real this year.)



  4. Un-Real!
    What a weekend!!!

  5. WOW!! That sounds like a CRAZY weekend!!!
    How amazing!! Meeting Sandy (who I'm sure is just as amazing as you say :), and getting to meet all these cool celebs!! Wow, wow, wow :) I'm bouncing up & down for you over here!! :)

  6. oh my, so many deliciousness in one post!! And yes, I'm referring to the food AND Patrick Dempsey ;) Lucky you!

    Thank you for your sweet comment, btw. A happy Monday to you too :)

    P.S. you are gorgeous!!

  7. Can't believe you ate beautiful food like that and got pictures with those hot men. Although I question calling Shia Lebouf hot because he looks JUST like my little brother. Patrick on the other hand. I'll take him!

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

  8. WOW. what a day! so so amazing.. thanks for sharing all your beautiful photos!

  9. Aww, I love Sandy and her blog. And I love love Grand Luxe (your blog always makes me miss Chicago). And I love love love Patrick Dempsey and Shia LaBeuf (ever since Even Stevens).

    Needless to say... I love this post.

  10. it was sooo sooo sooo great meeting you ilene! Thanks so much for the beautiful presents and wonderful advice! Ur pics are soo lovely and ur already improving with ur photog skills!! I prob won't post mine for a few weeks haha, so behind!!

    and I wish we stayed with you the rest of the day so we could have met shia and patrick too!!! You took some amazing pics with them too!!! Patrick is hottt!! Had no idea he was in transformers!! And I have to say, I'm honored to be in the same post as them hehe! :)

    I def hope we can meet up again soon!!!

  11. NO FREAKING WAY!!! im soo jealous you met shyla buff (spelling??) your so lucky!! it looks like a whole lot of fun living in chicago!! i dont even get that in LA!

    i thought i saw your shop at the renegade craft fair! but then i realized you all the way out in chicago! but yeah i wish you and your adorable shop could have made a trip! it would have been awesome! well take care of your self this week, and happy monday!!

  12. omg! wow, loved this post. love that you and sandy got to meet up. you two are two of my faves! love that you finally got to meet and take a picture with shia and patrick! what a fun surprise. maybe you can blow those pics up and replace the twilight poster above the couch! : ) lol!

  13. what?!?!?
    ridiculous! I can't believe you really got a picture with them!!!

  14. proposterously cool!!! I was four years in Chicago and the only famous person I saw was jessie jackson... twice. hahaha. random but true.

  15. That is amazing! This post got better and better the more I scrolled down. And you have an amazing camera and an eye for food photos. I am in love with this post!

  16. aw!!!! i love this post. it makes me so happy that you had such an awesome weekend!!!! don't you love meeting blog buddies??? it's so great! your pictures are looking awesome! love you friend!

  17. you got a picture with MCDREAMy?!!! oooo i am so so jealous!!

  18. That sounds and looks like the best day ever in the world!!!! How lovely!

    I love your blog by the way!!

    Best wishes from one blogger to another,


  19. I really don't like you anymore. I've always liked Shia, since he was just a little boy on the Disney channel. But to meet Shie AND McDreamy in one day?!!!!! gah....
    (yes I know McDreamy is not his real name.)
    I'm going to star this post in my google reader so that I can come back quickly and swoon anytime I want.

  20. Aw this was such a great post! You're so cute! I'm so glad you got to meet him. :) (And that's so funny, I'm going to be staying on Wacker Drive! What a street name... ha! Are they still going to be filming this weekend? Or do you have no idea, haha.) I'm glad you had such a good time and met a new blogging friend too. That food you ate looks DELICIOUS. I'm excited to meet some people from the blog world one day. I know I'm just starting out but hopefully I'll make some great friendships! :)

  21. what a fun weekend! so nice to see you with lovely Sandy

  22. Seriously?! You look like a freakin' rockstar with your new best friends! So so awesome. And I can't believe you brought back even stevens, haha! Love Shia.

  23. I'm so jealous. I sooo want to meet a celebrity.


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