Thursday, July 22, 2010

current obsession: dresses with pockets

i love fashion.
it's just another way to creatively express yourself.
it's just so intriguing and mesmerizing at times.
my current fashion obsession are dresses with pockets.
i'm currently on the hunt for the right one.

[via dandeliondaydreamer]

i love the variety of dresses with pockets out there - even wedding dresses! so fun!
(don't worry. no wedding dress anytime soon - i just think they are so fun with pockets.)
what is your current fashion obsession?
or do you have your own dress with pockets?
where did you find it?
any suggestions?


  1. Love this post! I love dresses with pockets too!!! My bridesmaid dresses have pockets... yay...

  2. I also am in love with pocket dresses!! I found mine at Old Navy a while back. It's short sleeve and I wear it with leggings and a belt and it's the most comfortable thing EVER!! Good luck on your hunt!!

  3. I agree with AmandaBeth, leggings! It's too hot this month, but come fall it'll be leggings almost daily. :)

  4. i heart dresses and skirts with pockets! i don't know why they don't make pockets with every skirt and dress.

  5. i love the wedding much. maybe too much.

    thanks for your advice and encouragement! it's so cool to see your shop, and see all the potential and opportunities. i love your shop, honest. it is sooo cute and i love your product photos.

    and i saw you love JESUS?! me tooo. mm, this is great!

  6. love all the dresses you chose!! pockets are so fun! i chose bridesmaid dresses w/pockets and my girls just loved them! :)

  7. ohmigoodness!! i adore dresser and or skirts with pockets!!! pockets are so handy and so practical. i love the pictures, too cute! i have a few from forever 21 and from nordstroms, and target.

  8. LOVE. sometimes i have to put things in my dress pockets to way them down so that they don't fly up :-)

  9. oh i just LOVE pockets!!! i wish i could find a wedding dress with pockets, that'd be the best :) xo.

  10. i LOVE the blue in that 2nd to last outfit. so beautiful!

    xo Alison

  11. yes yes yes! dresses with pockets are my FAVEEE!!! i was just a bridesmaids in a wedding and that dress had pockets, so fun!!

  12. pockets are almost becoming a necessity with any summer dress i buy!! love em

  13. MY current fashion obsession is definitely this one. Pockets should be on EVERYTHING I am convinced. Great post!

  14. I've reached the point where I only buy dresses that have pockets, unless it's gorgeous otherwise! Anthropologie is a great source, and there are a surprising amount at Forever 21 for a cheaper option.

  15. Ditto to Melissa! If a dress or skirt doesn't have pockets, I'm not likely to buy it. I can't go back!


  16. Ahh I love dresses with pockets! I saw a REALLY pretty wedding dress with pockets recently but I can't remember where! If I do I'll share the link with ya.

  17. I LOVE dresses with pockets. Think I could find a maternity dress with pockets? :)


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