Saturday, July 24, 2010

couch pictures.

i believe there is something magical about couch pictures.
they are those pictures you look back to years later down the road
and you learn so much from the one shot.

i guess because when i was growing up and whenever we had guests over, dad made sure to take a picture of our family and the dinner guests either sitting on a living room couch or lined up behind one - so its ingrained in me or something.
plus you learn a lot about the season of life...whether its baby toys strung around or possibly college textbooks or maybe just by who are the faces in the photo. you can even tell by what couch you had -worn or structured? pillows in order or pillows on the floor? patterned or sophisticated? lots of life is captured by the couches that are in them.

today happened to be a day of couch pictures.

first, we had dinner with rick and nora, two very special people in both mine and ryan's life. we have had the opportunity to serve alongside these people on mission trips to the Philippines. nora has also been a good friend of mine since the day we started college (8 years, baby!). tonight was filled with a yummy dinner and hours of laughing, talking and games. when you find people you can really laugh hard with, keep them close - they aren't easy to find.

second, my roommate and her fiance were up to no good tonight.

OK. so yes, if you know me, you know edward is my hero and yes, i love the books and yes, i am looking forward for the rest of the sagas to be completed in movies; however, i do NOT own t-shirts, posters, tattoos, lunchboxes or stickers of any kind to express my desire to be mrs. cullen.

side note - we have a wall in our living room that has been blank the entire year. sarah and i have been meaning to decorate it but never found the time or the photo or decor to decorate it - and now we move in a little over a month. (but hey that's life sometimes). soon as i walked in the door, sarah was like "we have a surprise for you!" sneaky people. i should have known. so cheesy. so ridiculous. so hilarious.

my throat hurts.
not 'cause i'm sick.
i just laughed a lot today.
during our double-date with rick and nora.
and 'cause of the double-agents on duty operation:cheesy decor.
lovelovelove it.

[good night, world.]

see you in the morning.


  1. you're lucky to have such beautiful and happy people in your life! i enjoyed reading about your fun-filled day.

    hey, we have the same Ikea couch! about the poster -- at least the vampire is handsome. ;)

  2. That is straight up hysterical!

  3. love your couch pictures!
    what kind of camera do you use? these always look SO good, I have to know...

  4. Haha I love your posts so much! I love the couch photos, and you are so freaking pretty!

  5. The Cheesecake Factory has the same strawberry shortcake- and it is my favorite!! So delicious, isn't it?

    And- don't be shy, Twilight is the best. :) Although, I'm very disappointed you like Edward. Ha!


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