Sunday, July 4, 2010

celebrating the red, white, and blue.

i hope your 4th of july was a celebration - whether it was a huge, festive party or a small, intimate group. or maybe you celebrated it with family or with a close friend.

either way, i hope it was a celebration because
today was a day worth celebrating. it was a day that we are to be thankful for freedom that our country has been bestowed - that we so often (including myself) take for granted.

for our celebration, the bf and i rode our bikes to navy pier and found a grassy area, which was quickly beginning to fill up. like i've mentioned before, chicago is so alive in the summertime - especially during the 4th of july. people come out from all over to watch the fireworks. it's probably ony of my favorite times of the year.

navy pier at 7:30pm.

me and my new bike helmet.
i asked ryan if he would be embarrassed if i wore this the entire time.
he said not at all.
good answer.

with my bf.

we brought cherries. they were from treasure island. so delish, juicy and big.

i was happy about the cherries.

we made new friends.
this lil' guy's name is jeffrey.

and then there were people who wanted to be 'friend's' with us.
this family kept inching closer and closer to us - to the point that they were practically on our blanket. but they never talked to us or anything. they apprently just wanted an inch of the blanket.
it was so odd and hilarious at the same time.

attempting a self-photo with one of these cameras is not so easy.
oh, well. i think you can still tell we're having a good time.

the sun begins to set.

sadly, we didn't realize it but the building covered most of the fireworks. in about 5 seconds, the whole area practically cleared to get closer. it was funny how fast people moved. we stayed put and enjoyed what we could of it.

then the best part (which could not have been captured by camera) is when they close off all the streets and everyone can walk/rollerblade/bike down the streets of the city. we also share this memory with the brandenbergers from last 4th of july, so that makes it special too. there is such a thrill to riding in the middle of the open street, no traffic or cars to deal with. you also don't have to deal with walking like everyone else in chicago. as we whizz by, you can hear people say, "man, i wish i thought to bring my bike!"
i can't even describe it. it's so exhilirating!

hope everyone had a safe and fun 4th of july!


  1. awww looks like you and your bf had a great time at navy pier! i love visiting there when i go to chicago! i actually think i've seen fireworks there before! happy happy 4th!


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