Tuesday, July 27, 2010

brusier in action: breaking and entering.

it was saturday morning.
i'm falling in love with lil' brusier.
we all are.
but sadly, i still have allergies so i keep my bedroom door closed.
i play with him in the rest of the apartment but with my sensitive nose,
the last thing it needs is cat hair all around.

isn't that so adorably hilarious?! his lil' paws are too precious.
because of this, i almost caved to let him in.

oh, brusier, you are stealing our hearts.


  1. awww....that actually made me like cats for a minute! he's really too cute!

  2. got an error while trying to watch your video. : ( maybe i'll try again in a few.

  3. tag, you're it! :0)


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