Friday, July 16, 2010

another summer night in chicago.

nothing like a good Italian dinner on one my favorite streets in chicago,
rush street.
it's always hopping with people, lined with outdoor seating at nearly every restaurant.
the resturaunt of choice for friday night was Carmine's.

[the boys had their veal-parmesean, but i had my delish pasta. so rich, cheesy, lots of mushroom, and just so yummy. i can't ever remember or pronounce the name of this dish. tortellini something....?]

many famous people eat at carmines (or its sister, Rosebud Cafe, in Downtown).
our waiter told he served people like Halle Berry, as well as handful of Chicago Bears and Black hawks. he seemed pretty proud of himself. i guess waiters get giddy too.
the entrance has a gallery of photos, displaying all the famous rockstars, movie starts, politicians, etc. that love this place.
it never gets old to look at.

and yes, of course, we asked if shia labeouf had been around.
no sighting.

[me and the boys, uncle phil and the bf, by the fountain across the street from carmine's.]

and oh of course, day 2 of transformers 3 downtown. we took a stroll down michigan avenue. we had to just in case shia was around. there were definitely some sweet cars around. i didn't get a good shot of it but they even had the brand new corvette - it was half covered. i guess to keep things as secret as possible prior to the movie's revealing.

the bridge over the river was partially raised and it looked like they were blowing stuff up at the other end. we couldn't get much closer. plus those people in the yellow shirts were still taking their jobs too seriously,
so we couldn't linger.

but we got to peer over the railing for a little bit [before they started yelling at us again] and check out the base camp. that was pretty sweet. like i mentioned before, i love behind-the-scenes stuff.

shia, where are you?

speaking of movies, the boys and i went to see inception. i highly recommend it if you like action and mind-twisting stories. wow. it was a good one. i haven't seen a blockbuster like that in a long time. inception was action, drama and mind-bending. talk about creativity.
the writing was very well done and such amazing acting with an incredible cast.
i won't go into too much.

hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!
i hope wherever you are at, you are enjoying the summer weather.
it's so beautiful today in chicago.

p.s. thanks for putting up with my recent posts involving transformers and movies.
like i said i'm a movie nerd!

oh, and one more thing:
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  1. Mmmmm...that restaurant looks good. I've never been there.
    You crack me up about Shia! I hope you see him and all of your dreams come true :)
    See ya Monday...enjoy your weekend!

  2. lol. i am waiting for the day you do indeed see shia! (0: it is a blazing ball of heat over here in california and i am guzzling down h2o trying to stay cool... i may have to start on the popsicles soon! :)

  3. It sounds like you are having so much fun! Well, my weekend has consisted of sick kids. No fun here. :( I do hope you do get to see Shia. ♥


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