Saturday, July 31, 2010

mad men. they are everywhere.

magazine ads.
commercials on various tv channels.
street posters.
twitter. blog-world.
now banana republic?!

[at the watertower. chicago. i do love these window displays.]

it must be good stuff.
i bought the season 1 for my roommate's bday.
neither of even know what its about.
we are intrigued by the time era.
i'm even more intrigued that banana republic is promoting it by their display windows and clothing.
the clothing and the elegance are to die for.
the story line must be good.

so now to just finally sit down and find time to watch the show.

Friday, July 30, 2010

better later than never.

[in the midst of my crazy week, the bf brought me a sprinkles cupcake.
it got squished in the bag but who cares? it was delish. and yes, it helped with the madness of the day.]

i was recently tagged by the lovely moonbeamwishes. it reminded me of those random questionaires that went around among me and my friends during jr. high - so this was something fun and somewhat of a stress-reliever.

1.) What's a perfect styling for you?

I’m a “moody” dresser – always depends on my mood. I go from classics to vintage to retro. Perfect outfit always includes a good pair of worn jeans and high heels. Also my nails are always painted in bright colors – never been a fan of nude or light pink shades.

2.) For what do you spent the most of your money?

lots of it goes to food – esp since I live in Chicago. It is hard NOT to eat out cuz of so many good places around here. I also spend a chunk of it on supplies for my etsy-shop, books I never get around to reading, and clothes/accessories.

3.) What's your favorite song at this moment now?

At the moment “Dog Days are Over” by Florence and the Machine. Gah but I’ve also been addicted to the "500 Days of Summer” Soundtrack

4.) Which excellences do you think you have?

I can inhale a cheeseburger in 5 minutes. I have the tendency to laugh during moments when im not supposed to. And I’m a good listener (what did you say?). Because of my mom, I was taught to find awesome sales anywhere – learn to wait and pounce at the right time.

5.) And what are your failings?

if I’m tired or hungry, I’m easily irritated. I plan to work out 3x a week and normally make it to 1x a week. I have the inability to walk into a thrift shop (seriously I’ve tried and then I go frozen with the disorganization and the thought that other people have worn the clothes – but I WANT to be able to find good vintage dresses that everyone seems to blog or tell me about.) Currently in the process of working on all three.

i actually meant to have this up the day she tagged but its been a pretty crazy week. yesterday, i left my apartment at 7am and didn't get home till 8:30pm (2 of those hours was spent with the bf and 2 1/2 hrs at argo with lindsey working on project - so two very good things, yet of course made for a long day).

and alas, it is Friday, folks.
i'm so looking forward to the weekend.
enjoy yours, friend.
[happy friday!]

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

current (ahem, constant) obsession: nerd glasses

so folks, as you know this current obsession is also a constant one.
(please refer to the previous post here and here.)
aren't all these frames so fun?!

[via vintageeyewearwest]

i think i want ALL of them.
my bf even loves how they look on me. i just believe that nerd glasses make an outfit and give you a look in a different yet fun direction. dare you to try a pair for fun. i always get mine from urban outfitters but i'm thinking i might have to check out some of these lovely etsy stores that have such fab collections of vintage and nerd glasses.

lovelovelove it.

p.s. considering making "current obsession" a weekly blog feature. hmmm.

oooh reality has come calling.

reality is hitting me.

i'm really moving away from chicago.

it hit me while purging through my closet. no need to move clothes that i never wear anymore.

there are moments when i am SO happy about it. i have dreamed about going home for a long time. i've dreamed about the day i would have the time to invest wholly into art and writing. i dream about waking up to mom's cooking, getting to hang out with my sister, get to see my dad every day after work, and play with lil pey-pey. i never got the chance to go home after graduation. i started work right away so i have not had a real break in a long time.

now that the day is here, it's so unreal.
and i don't think i'm ready.

isnt it funny how we realize how good we have it when we begin to feel it slip through our fingers liek sand? that's what its been as of late. a couple of years ago, i probably would have cut off my right arm to head back to SC. i missed my family. i hated the bitter cold winters. i was tired of the high cost of living. i was bored with my job. blah blah blah. but now there is a part of me that would put up with that because of how much i love Chicago.

however at the end of the day, i know this is the right decision. it's time to move on to a new season. it's not like i'm heading to a place that i dread. i think my heart just hurts for what i will lose.

so don't laugh when you see blog posts of me missing the sirens and the people screaming across the street from the bar? that's just me. i'm a city girl.

for now, i will savor every single day in the city that i've been blessed with.
thanks for listening, friend.
[happy wednesday!]

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

brusier in action: breaking and entering.

it was saturday morning.
i'm falling in love with lil' brusier.
we all are.
but sadly, i still have allergies so i keep my bedroom door closed.
i play with him in the rest of the apartment but with my sensitive nose,
the last thing it needs is cat hair all around.

isn't that so adorably hilarious?! his lil' paws are too precious.
because of this, i almost caved to let him in.

oh, brusier, you are stealing our hearts.

Monday, July 26, 2010

to mom 'cause i love you.

isn't my mom beautiful?

she recently connected with some of her high school friends and one of her friends made a collage of all their graduation photos. i love old pictures of my mom. actually i have talked to her family members and her high school friends when i had visited the Philippines. they always talked about my mom as being the most beautiful girl in the town (or barrio/barangay as those towns within towns are called in the Philippines). they also say i look like my mom. what do you think?

dearest mom.
you mean the world to me.
you are my best friend.
you are the example of a godly woman that i hope to be.
you are loving, generous and always sacrificial.
you are the most beautiful woman that i know.
you love daddy and i know he adores you.
you always make us laugh.
you always make us food, too.
(watermelon? hehehe.)
you give incredible fashion advice.
and most importantly, thank you for your love for GOD.
i believe that is because you love Him so much,
you are the best mom and wife that anyone could ask for!

[via timtabstudios]

mom, i love you so much.
[happy birthday!]

Sunday, July 25, 2010

daydreams do come true.

i think i say this at the end of every weekend.
but i'm going to say it again.
i can't believe tomorrow is Monday!
seriously, where did the weekend go?

however, i have no complaints. its been an incredible, fun-filled weekend. got some s
leep, watched SALT, enjoyed dear friends, enjoyed some bike riding, worked on some muchlove-illy orders (didn't purge my closet like i should have; will do it tomorrow - fingers crossed.)

and today was like a cherry added to the top of an ice-cream sundae.
[warning: ultra long post, but an ultra good one. i promise.]

speaking of ice cream...i had the lovely opportunity to meet up with sandy. those of you not familiar to blog world, sandy has one of the most admired blogs out there which is adoringly called, sand
yalamode. she is as adorable and beautiful inside and out as she is on her blog. i found it very easy to talk with her and we quickly filled up our two hours together talking about chicago, our lives, blog world, and etsy. i think we could have talked beyond the two hours if we did not have other time commitments. she is such a sweetie and feel blessed to have found a new friend.

[me, sandy and her friend, ning-ju.]

[again no shame when it comes to pulling out cameras if you hang-out with other bloggers.]

[beautiful hair charms made by sandy herself.
they are even my favorite shade of green!
can't wait wear them.]

[grand luxe's strawberry short cake. oh, baby its the best.]

thanks for a fun time, ladies!
hope we can meet up again soon.
lovelovelove it.

later on in the afternoon, the bf and i decided to take a mid-afternoon walk around the city. it was such a beautiful day, you felt guilty to even think about vegging. yet after such a busy weekend, i was def. thinking vegging. the thought of watching a movie and lounging around sounded bliss. ryan was quite the opposite. he wanted to go bike-riding and running and skipping (the boy has so much energy!), so we met in the middle by enjoying a walk outdoors. ryan mentioned something about hearing transformers 3 being filmed up on wacker drive and part of me groaned inside.

most of you know, two weekends ago i was pretty obsessed about finding shia since T3 was being filmed on michigan ave. (see here and here.) well, after checking out the film site 3x and not finding him anywhere, my lil' heart gave up.

so we make the trek. ryan was on the go. i was pushing myself forward, thinking how nice it would be to take a sunday nap now. i wouldn't need a nap when we turned the corner and saw what we saw.


i'm still in shock over this. my knees were shaking. i felt like a giddy high-schooler when i said, shia, could i please get a picture with you? my knees were still shaking as we took the picture. i even hugged him and put my arm around his (p.s. the dude is ripped; guess you have to be if you are in T3). so weird and unreal. i just didn't think it would actually happen. later, i told ryan that i had this whole thing ready to say to him, but my tongue got all twisted once he got there. (it was going to be something like, i've been a fan since even stevens or something along those lines.) by the time, i collected my thoughts he kept moving down the line. its crazy - we were the 2nd to last to get a photo with him 'cause his press-agent or whomeever said he needed to wrap it up. ryan told me he was so happy that i finally got my picture with him. he actually was the one asking shia and patrick if i could get a pic with them. (isn't the bf so great?!)

okay, and check out the added, unexpected bonus!
who else by Patrick Dempsey?!!!

this last picture of me and ryan crack me up. i told you were are like giddy high schoolers. and like mentioned in previous blog posts, movie nerds. oh, btw patrick dempsey was super nice. he even shook ryan's hand and told him, thanks for coming out. it was refreshing to see a movie star like that. it was all so much fun. ryan and i couldn't stop laughing at the chance we just got.

and oh yes, both shia and patrick are two good-looking guys on-screen and off, just in case you wanted to know.

so now i need to get off this crazy cloud i'm on and try to get some sleep since an early alarm-clock will sound of at the ungodly hour of 5:00am. even so, its all worth it.

a new friend.
fun chicago memories with the bf.
transformers 3.
and oh yes, (finally) meeting shia labeouf.

(anyone up for renting transformers 1 and watching it with me?)

Saturday, July 24, 2010

couch pictures.

i believe there is something magical about couch pictures.
they are those pictures you look back to years later down the road
and you learn so much from the one shot.

i guess because when i was growing up and whenever we had guests over, dad made sure to take a picture of our family and the dinner guests either sitting on a living room couch or lined up behind one - so its ingrained in me or something.
plus you learn a lot about the season of life...whether its baby toys strung around or possibly college textbooks or maybe just by who are the faces in the photo. you can even tell by what couch you had -worn or structured? pillows in order or pillows on the floor? patterned or sophisticated? lots of life is captured by the couches that are in them.

today happened to be a day of couch pictures.

first, we had dinner with rick and nora, two very special people in both mine and ryan's life. we have had the opportunity to serve alongside these people on mission trips to the Philippines. nora has also been a good friend of mine since the day we started college (8 years, baby!). tonight was filled with a yummy dinner and hours of laughing, talking and games. when you find people you can really laugh hard with, keep them close - they aren't easy to find.

second, my roommate and her fiance were up to no good tonight.

OK. so yes, if you know me, you know edward is my hero and yes, i love the books and yes, i am looking forward for the rest of the sagas to be completed in movies; however, i do NOT own t-shirts, posters, tattoos, lunchboxes or stickers of any kind to express my desire to be mrs. cullen.

side note - we have a wall in our living room that has been blank the entire year. sarah and i have been meaning to decorate it but never found the time or the photo or decor to decorate it - and now we move in a little over a month. (but hey that's life sometimes). soon as i walked in the door, sarah was like "we have a surprise for you!" sneaky people. i should have known. so cheesy. so ridiculous. so hilarious.

my throat hurts.
not 'cause i'm sick.
i just laughed a lot today.
during our double-date with rick and nora.
and 'cause of the double-agents on duty operation:cheesy decor.
lovelovelove it.

[good night, world.]

see you in the morning.

HUGE giveaway. oh and happy saturday!!!

elsie is having quite the party over at her amazing blog, A Beautiful Mess. there are some inspiring DIY posts, new items for Red Velvet Shop, and a HUGE giveaway that i have the privilege of being a part of. she is giving away 16 items from all her shop-sponsors to one winner.

pretty good, huh?

i'd totally jump on it if i didnt happen to be a contributor
(then again there are already so many people signed up, maybe no one will notice...hehe. jk.)

and don't forget these two other Much Love Illy giveaway's happening right now:
The Ivy Twines and Lovely by M.
So many opportunities!

Also look out for an upcoming End of the Year Summer Sale in my shop, as
well as the Autumn Collection - woohoo!!!!
Be sure to come back soon.

Hope all of you have a wonderful Saturday!
Aren't you glad it's the weekend...finally?!
It's going to be a busy day but a fun filled one for me.

going to see 'SALT' with the bf. updating the shop with sale and new designs. filling shop orders. bike-riding to the beach. eating cherries. playing with bruiser. purging closet in prep for move. double-date with rick and nora.

ok, ok. i know that is ALOT. i think that is my ideal list. wish we had more hours in the day.
either way, i'm looking forward to a lovely day off. i wish the same to you, friend.
[happy saturday, folks!]

Friday, July 23, 2010

like a new baby in the house, this cat gets a ton of pictures.

oh, bruiser.
you are getting so spoiled.
someone is always holding you.

like annika, who left our apt. an hour later than she was supposed to because you distracted her.

or someone else is rubbing your belly.
we can already tell you love attention.

dont' start getting any ideas, mister.

bruiser, i can already tell that you are a little heart-breaker.
we love you already.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

sacrificing my dignity yet bringing joy to another.

once upon a time...
my bf had a bad day.
so i thought i'd cheer him up with a mushy note and this picture.

he hasn't had a bad day since.

joking, of course he's had bad days.
but he says this picture brings a smile to his face whenever he looks at it,
so he taped it to his fridge.
it honestly cracks me up.
i remember thinking that those bunny teeth would never go away.

thank the Lord that they did.

current obsession: dresses with pockets

i love fashion.
it's just another way to creatively express yourself.
it's just so intriguing and mesmerizing at times.
my current fashion obsession are dresses with pockets.
i'm currently on the hunt for the right one.

[via dandeliondaydreamer]

i love the variety of dresses with pockets out there - even wedding dresses! so fun!
(don't worry. no wedding dress anytime soon - i just think they are so fun with pockets.)
what is your current fashion obsession?
or do you have your own dress with pockets?
where did you find it?
any suggestions?