Friday, June 25, 2010

you gotta let go sometimes.

it's friday.
go do something crazy.
goofy. silly.
like these two crazy girls.
i have no clue who they are, but they crack me up.

okay, okay. i know who they are.
the girl on the right is my crazy-fun roommate, sarah.
and the other girl, well...can't seem to put a finger on her.
doesn't matter.

hope this pic inspires someone out there to
let go,
laugh a lot, and
just enjoy life!

{happy friday, folks!}


  1. haha the photo is hilarious! the ladies are so cute though! happy Friday! xoxo

  2. hahahahahahaha, nice! Love it!

  3. this is why you are the best roommate ever!!!! I love our crazy times rooms! and our etsy craft nights! :)


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