Wednesday, June 23, 2010

yes, i had pizza twice in one day.

every day has its highs and lows.

today was one of those days with distinct contrasts. you knew what were the highs and you knew what were the lows. i definitely know what the lows were - which did include a raging thunderstorm with super high winds and those eerie tornado warnings sounding all over the city. and its not that i do not want to share the lows...i'm just in the middle of processing those lows.

its life. i'll make it thru. we all have those days.

but instead of mulling in my puddle of self-pity and processing (especially as i'm eyeing the clock, its ever so close to my bed-time...yes, i have one cuz i'm 'grown-up' and go to work at seven-freakin' a.m.), i had some highlights to this day.

why? because God is still good.
and i really have way too much to be thankful for to focus on the lows.

1. a delish, refreshing lunch with my friend, jen. we enjoyed some italian delights at go-roma. their sun-dried tomato and goat cheese pizza with a side of chopped salad is to die for! oh and the date was just so lovely 'cause i love jen. she's always an encouragement to me. we always have something to talk about whether its life-related, blogs, or fashion. love her!

2. the bf and i enjoyed an evening at whole-foods, the one that is ginormous and has all these sweet restaurants to eat at. yes, that one. on wednesdays, we love going to the italian station 'cause they have such a great deal - one whole pizza for $9.99. can't beat that. [yeah, it wasn't until we sat down and started eating that i realized that i was eating pizza for a second meal in the day. hey, it was two different kinds - a girl can eat pizza twice if she wants to! at least, once in awhile...]

and then i'm thankful for the new AC window unit that we picked up from home depot for my room. as much as i convinced myself that i was trying to prep myself for the mission field by dressing in tank tops and shorts and sweating off the heat, i decided to cave and get a window unit. i haven't been sleeping too well. the heat def. can contribute to restlessnes...and that's not very good for the job in the day or for etsy-ing it up at night.

and a few more things...i'm thankful for the rain beacuse its' cooled off the crazy, mugginess of the day. we are not able to install the window unit tonight 'cause we have to call our maintenance crew to do it for us...but i'm glad the temps are cooler tonight. maybe i'll sleep better.

i'm thankful that tomorrow is thursday, a day closer to the weekend. i'm thankful for the sweet opportunity one of my fave blogs that will be highlighted tomorrow (i'll keep you posted!). i'm thankful for my mom calling me every night to say goodnight and see how my day was. i'm thankful my girlfriends and i were able to buy our eclipse tickets ahead of time (woohoo - opening night!). and last but not least, i'm thankful that i was able to finish this blog entry just shy of my bedtime.

goodnight, world.
see you in the morning.


  1. I wish I could sit down and have a pizza with you! I miss you. When are you leaving Chicago? Will you be there in July? Because I'm coming up for a visit to the fam and would LOVE to spend some time with you!

  2. a girl can totally have pizza twice in a day if she wants....especially when they look that yummy!

    didn't know you were a twilight fan too! they're fabulous aren't they. can't wait!

  3. Your Mom calls you every night?! That's so sweet! Mmmm, I could go for a double pizza day myself :)

  4. wow that pizza is making my mouth water right now

  5. Wow. How did you get a snapshot of the grocery store like that?

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I really like your headbands

  6. justine: that particular whole foods as a gigantic escaltor. i just took pictures of the fruit section as we were coming down. hehe.


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