Friday, June 25, 2010

the secret button.

it all started out when neal told titus about
the secret button that would make his car fly.

neal and ryan decided to tell him to find the secret button.

hmmm...where could it be?

titus: it's right there, ryan!
ryan: right here? the one with the double-red triangles?
titus: yes, that one! push it! i want to blast off.

unfortunatly, the buttons did not work.
titus: we need to get gas.
neal: only jet-gas will work, but we have to get to the picnic.
titus: you guys are joking!
neal and ryan: if you want to fly, you have to press the secret button! find it!

titus: naw, you guys are joking!

i'll just say it was a very enjoyable car ride to the department picnic
since i got to sit beside this little cutie.
neal and ryan were being meanies but it definitely added to the fun.

as for that secret button, i wish we could have found it.
we could have gotten thru the wretched traffic a lot faster than we did.

'night, world!


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