Wednesday, June 16, 2010

reason #59 why i think God is preparing me for the mission field.

i am believer that everything happens for a purpose.
i even believe that small things in life have a purpose, let alone the big things.

last week's experience definitely reminded me of this. so two weekends ago, my roommate and i noticed the toilet in our apartment flushing slower than usual. it didn't matter if what we did in there, the toilet seemed to be flushing at its own slow pace. not very comforting. so of course, it wasn't surprising that later on in the week, it did it's lovely dance...overflowed and got clogged. frustrating. so we put in a work order. ptl, maintenance came in and got it fixed by the end of the day.

two or three days later, rooms and i discovered it was doing its slow-flushing routine with us again. greaaaat. it came to the point that it only filled with water and never flushed. annika (who i found out is a pro at toilets because of past apt.-problems) said we should try to do it manually (by pouring water into it) until maintenance could come fix. (side note - it was sunday when we discovered this and maintenance can't be contacted over the weekend.)

so that was sunday and monday for us, filling a HUGE bucket to the brim with water from the bathtub and pouring it down into the toilet.

you are probably thinking,
ok so what does this have to do with anything?

well, for those of you who have either been to the Philippines, you probably know where i am going with this. in most of the cities in the Philippines, toilets have the normal flush like we do here in the States. you do your business, flush and walk away (after washing your hands first, duh - i'm a little OCD about that); however, in various regions, barrios, and camps in the Philippines, you actually don't have the luxury. what they have there is called a tabo, the Filipino alternative to the flush. you pour down buckets or tabo of water down the toilet to make it all go down. its defintely something to get used to especially for us Americans. it makes me sound really lazy but it take more time to fill the bucket with water, plus you hope it doesn't splash on you and you just want it all to go down!

so anyways, this is what i thought of every single time i poured water down our toilet here in the apartment in Chicago, USA. it's a small, stupid thing but i think it was a good reminder for me - and like i said good prep for me, if the day does come when God opens the door for me to serve whether it be full/part time in the Philippines. and this is not the only oocurance that i have on a weekly basis. i find more reminders anytime i complain about carrying my laundry down three flights of stairs (when there might be a day that i'll be dragging my laundry to a river or in a basin since there won't be the luxury of washing machines). or when i complain about my dinner or my need of more clothes - blah, blah, blah.

i am thankful for what i have now that makes living easier - but because of small inconviences, i know i can handle them so there is no need to gripe about it when inconviences occur. like i said i think even the frustrations of life (broken relationships or broken toilets) are always preparing a person whether it be for character's sake or for an ultimate purpose in life later down the road.

so that's a small, random thought for you and me.
[happy wednesday, folks!]


  1. girl. loved this.

    we need to chat about a possible opportunity for you that may prepare you more for the mission field!

  2. loved chatting with you today, friend. happy wednesday. :)


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