Friday, June 11, 2010

the power of the words, "what if..."

i have always been a sucker for love stories, romantic comedies, and chick flicks. yes, i'm that girl that always has a box of kleenex ready - comedy or drama, i tear up either way. i've made people wonder if had some tragic past leaving me broken hearted and emotionally connected to these love-sick movies...when that necessarily isn't the case. hey, i even needed kleenex during those "we love moms" commercials they played over and over again during the Olympic games.

anyways, tonight one of my friends from work and i decided to do one of our summer traditions that we started since we first ever started to hang out. i don't think we ever planned it to work out in the way that it does. basically during the summer, my hours switch from 7am-3:30pm - so she and i normally make a run for a 4pm movie. i think it started with us finding a movie time - and one time was way too late, so we settled on the 4pm....literally making a run for the movie in our flats or sandals. we call them out summer movie run (see what i mean by
literally?) there is something about rushing down michigan avenue trying to make it to a movie, especially with dannon since its our tradition. lots of laughter. good conversation. and the adrenaline rush as you anxiously wait for the light to turn or when you grab your ticket 2 min. before the movie.

so yeah tonight, we went to see
letters to juliet. yeah, ilene teared up. it had its cheesy moments but it also had some very sweet ones too. i also love the fact that there is a real-life love story involved with two of the actors (won't tell you who they are! go see the movie - or you can cheat and read an article in last week's People).

hope you have a lovely weekend, friend.

oh, and if you don't have a summer tradition with a friend or two,
i encourage you to start one. they are memorable and fun.
and it helps in truly savoring time with those who are special to you.


  1. I have a soft spot for romances like Letters to Juliet too. The Italian countryside was lovely.
    You're definitely right about how wonderful summer traditions with friends are. It takes a wonderful season and makes it even better! My two best friends and I have our own which is going on three years now (we're 20-23 years old). We pack a traditional picnic basket with drinks, desserts, and other food we don't usually have then picnic in a lovely garden of the Lilly Estate. It's been a series of trial and error, plus it pops into our minds as soon as the new year comes (how much longer til May??).
    I recently found your blog through Oh, Hello Friend and am glad I did :)


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